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October 7, 2011

Fun Taiwan: Kaohsiung + Cosplay Cafe


Kaohsiung wasnt that cold after all despite the winter season. maybe because it is situated at the most southern part of Taiwan.  nonetheless, just wear extra layer of clothing because when the wind blows, you can still feel the chill. after having a rather good night sleep in our crampy little room we went down stair for our breakfast which we’ve pre-ordered upon check-in the day before. on our way down i couldnt resist to peek into other rooms. and here are some of them look like.


slightly spacious than ours.... we cheapskate what to do 😦


and with windows....


another better room than ours 😦

but we really didnt mind at all though since we already had a good rest and we werent staying in the room all day. breakfast was at a little corner near the reception area.


good morning!! everything was self service after you got your pre-ordered food.


aaahh!!!! i love cute cup!!

we still have extra time so we decided to surf the net. honestly i was actually writing an entry to post here that morning but well yeah…. that entry was forever fermented in my draft :p plus, their keyboard really turned me off!! (excuses)


everything is in mandarin, the pc and the keyboard @_@


free surfing corner

and then…. the hunt began!! our mission was to have a meal at a recommended Cosplay Cafe at 161, ChangMin St., SanMin District. from HERE. the street wasnt too far from our hotel as told by our friendly hotel receptionist so off we went in search of this cafe.

we reached the street and was delighted that we’ll see the cafe soon.


Yay!!! we are on the correct street!

there were many shops along the street. seeing this cosplay costume shop just convinced us that we were almost there….


this shop sells kinky costumes too :p

BUT to our (almost) frustration, although we were on the right street, passed some cosplay costume shops we still couldnt find the cafe!!! when we asked the people around they kept saying ‘yes, it is on this street, walk straight it is at the front’ or ‘ooooh…., yes yes… it’s on the other block, just walk straight but not till end you’ll see it’ walk-straight walk-straight your head!!! we walked almost 30minutes and finally……


exactly as the address that we have in hand!!! KNS!! can they make a 'smaller' lot number?!

we actually walked passed this shop probably twice already! T____T why were we so blind?!! and turned out that they had not open yet but there were already some visitors waited outside of the cafe. this made us even curious how it would be inside. in my head, i imagined some waitresses dressed in sailor moon costume or maybe some ninja boy?!


the entrance. scarlet and one of the visitors waiting at the waiting area.

since we were not invited to enter yet, so…



cute bench



and when we finally invited in by a cute (act cute) waitress dressed in french maid costume with her super animated high pitch voice just like those giddy character in Animax. and we were not allowed to take their photo!! KNS!!!

once inside, this is how the interior looks like. apparently the owner spent a lot of effort in decorating the cafe.


the interior.


heavily decorated wall


i like those two framed drawing 🙂

ok, now it’s time to order the food. see if it is as fancy and delicious as the concept. the ‘French Maid’ came and advised us the order method with her irritating high pitch voice which sounds like she’s talking fully with her nostril. and politely warned us that we were not allowed to take any photo of THEM!! KNS!! and there were four of them all dress alike -___- so their costume were just as ‘French Maids’ aihhh…. tipah tertipu!!!

so these are the steps to order your food here.

Step 1: find your order from the menu form. tick on which menu you want.

fully mandarin -__-

Step 2: there’s an envelope at the side of the table. it has a purpose! dont play-play.

Step 3: confirm your orders.

Step 4: insert the order form into the envelope.

happy demonstrator :p

Step 5: finally, u may call for the ‘French Maid’ or simply place the letter on your table they will come and collect it.

signed, sealed, delivered

we noticed that they will close the entrance door once the tables were full. so the incoming people had to wait at the waiting area outside. we still trying to plot how to secretly take their photos.

our foods.

scarlet ordered taiwanese curry chicken rice. which looked kinda meh…. :/


hmmmm..... :/

i ordered something porky with eggs something. which looked kinda ok.


looks yum!! 😀


Milk Tea


our lunch of the day.

because we were relentless, we tried hard to take paparazzi shots of the ‘French Maids’ discreetly. there were a total of five of them. below were our attempt.


attempt #1


attempt #2


attempt #3

but i think they suspected us secretly took their photos because they came over to us to politely warned us again by saying that we can take anything in the cafe except for THEM!! the irritating high pitch voice comes out from nostrils ‘French Maids’ pffft!! they even said that if suspected they could request us to show all photos taken and if found ‘French Maids’ in it, they’ll request us to delete them. pfffft!!!

ok, now i know why we only have ‘French Maids’ that day. it was because we wen on a wednesday. according to the site, wednesday is for short skirt french maid costumes.


cute coaster 🙂

overall, we spent NT450 for our lunch for 2 persons.i think a little overpriced for the kind of foods that we had which were so meh…. -___- a little advice, chinese dont really eat spicy or any kind of heavy spices of that matter. so never ever order curry in chinese countries by the locals. it wont taste the same as our usual malaysian style curry. the curry chicken rice that scarlet ordered consist of red carrot, potato, chicken with instant curry paste which was watery and tasteless due to lack of spices. my egg pork chop rice was quite nice though 🙂 it’s just a conceptual cafe with fancy deco and cute waitresses in costumes with so so foods.

anyway if you wanna have a try or a looksee of this cafe remember this is how it looks like. do not miss it like we did -___- and try to go on a Sunday, where everyone is free to wear Cosplay costume.



be blessed, peeps!!



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