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October 4, 2011

Fun Taiwan: Kaohsiung + Liu He Night Market

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my 2011 holiyear started with Taiwan. i went with my darling, bestie, girl friend, scarlet. who was in her fourth month (coming to fifth) pregnancy that time. she has the most sporting husband and in-laws!!!

we flew to Taipei on the 28th december last year. it was winter time 😀 but well, dont expect any snow pictures ok. once arrived we went straight down to Kaohsiung by their super high speed Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) which took us only like more or less one and a half hour. and if you look at Taiwan map. that was like from Perlis going down to JB in Malaysia (more or less).

before i travel to a totally foreign place, i’d make a research about the place. it’s one thing i find fun and educational at the same time. thanks to the internet. all info are just a click away. so after months of research i finally came up with this DIY itinerary. which was mostly copied & paste from others :p

Taiwan 8D7N Itinerary _1_


YOU ARE WELCOME!! *waives dismissively*

direct route from Taoyuan Station to Zhuying Station.
our route Taoyuan Station to Zhuoying


on the THSR. cute baby sitting next to us. and the interior is very clean and decent


our super super tight and cramp hotel room. there wont be any more space when we open our luggage on the floor.


toilet on the left, mirror straight in front of door, queen size bed on the right.


beautiful artwork on the ceylings

Taiwan is well known of its vast night markets but Kaohsiung has one of the oldest night market in the whole Taiwan. and they said you are not in Kahsiung if you dont visit their famous Liu He Night Market so it’s a no surprise that we went straight to their night market once we’ve settled with our check-in. plus, we were starving!!!!

to go to the night market from our hotel, we took MRT from Kaohsiung Station to Mei Li Tao Station. it’s so convenient.


their tickets are in token form 😀

the Night Market area was indeed full of people both locals or tourists. there were so many stalls selling many different kind of things ranging from foods (some strange and funny looking foods), trinkets, households, accessories and clothes.


strange looking nuts?! fruits?! -___- i forgot to ask what it was.


some jelly ice kind of thing.... didnt try though


cute piggy shape bun!!!! WHY DIDNT WE ORDER THIS?!!!! >.<

the common food sold at most of the stalls here are actually seafood. so many of them that you dont know which one to choose.

like this….


or this…


or this giant squid tentacles….


who dare to try this?! squid tentacles tempura :p

then next common thing is these….



yummy!!! it

and after walking one good round to look for a nice place to sit to fill our growling stomachs, we decided to try this restaurant.


the exterior


the cute tables and chairs




matchy latern pattern and ceyling deco


if you look hard enough, matchy wall paper at the back and table cloth too. wah lao eh!!!

since the restaurant was famous of its pork leg, so we ordered one plate of it 😀


marinated stewed pork leg

and these….

Taiwan Yu Mok or Sawi Taiwan or Taiwan Lettuce?


Moeat Ball Soup *sluuuuuuurpp*


Taiwanese Prawn Rice Noodle Soup

and ta-daaa!! our first dinner / meal in Taiwan!!!


owh.... we also had Taiwanese Herbal Tea Eggs


a picture before i turn barbaric. eat until dunno what. sigh~ i look so old T__T

calling all Malaysian to read this!!! spotted this message on the wall just next to us. hahaha!!! so cute. but we two good girls decided not to vandalize their property. *skema*


'and kami 2 orang juga telah makan di sini. makanan memang BOLEH TAHAN!!' LOL!!!

after eating we continued to walk around at the same time looking something to buy as souvenirs.


watches conveniently packed in gift boxes.


handmade chopsticks 🙂 Scarlet bought a lot of these as souvenirs.

as we were walking around we spotted man big rubbish plastic right conveniently placed in the middle of the street at the night market. ahhh!!! no more wasting time looking for rubbish bin or worse case (for those uncivilized citizen) simply throw everywhere.


if only all the night markets in malaysia apply this, our country will be a much better place...


we tried the strawberries. OMG!! it’s the sweetest and yummiest strawberries i’ve ever tasted!!


sweetest strawberries ever!!! must try!!


huhuhu..... i didnt try.... bittergourt juice

and the famous papaya milk juice stall is here. i heard this one is quite famous. even celebrities and the president came and buy from him.


tourists taking photo with the owner. that famous meh?!!

and i was curious seeing a long queue at one of the grill / bbq stall. so i went to have a looksee and end up buying too :p and i didnt regret it at all.


some meat rolled with bbq ham. it tastes surprisingly good with a bit of saltiness that i like.

we wanted to go to Love River and their True Love Ferry Pier after that but found out that the street going to the place was quite secluded and we didnt see anybody going towards the area. well, maybe we came at the wrong time. or maybe there’s actually nothing to see there? *shrugs*

last but not least here’s our expenses of the day for your reference (maybe).

Taoyuan airport to HSR station each NT30
HSR Taoyuan – Zhuo Ying station each NT 1330
Zhuo Ying HSR station – KAo Shiong Station NT 25
Happy Hotel NT 900
Kao Shiong station – Mei Li Tao station (go Liu He night market) NT 20
Tai Nan Mian 1 meal 2 ppl eat full full NT250
bamboo Chopstick as souvenir 10 pairs NT100
Strawberry per cup NT100
Magic scarf 3 for NT 500
MRT Mei Li Tao – MRT city council NT20 (to lover pier)
City council MRT bc Kao Shong MRT NT 20

be blessed, peeps!!




  1. […] their strawberries were so nice and sweet when we were in Kaohsiung, we wanna try the ones in Taichung […]

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  2. nice..nice..nice..and nice photos!

    Comment by ShaneySiang — October 28, 2011 @ 9:51 am | Reply

    • THANK YOU!! xoxo

      Comment by lv — October 28, 2011 @ 9:57 am | Reply

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