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August 26, 2011

What I Ate in Jakarta

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this is a waaaaaaaaaaay toooooo outdated post. like. hold it….. FOUR YEARS AGO!!!! yes! that loooong. i have planned to blog about my Jakarta once i started migrated to this blog address but alas…. well u know what happened :p so today as i was in my process of selecting photos of my Vietnam trip i got too bored and tired cos it seems never ending so i browsed through my old traveling folder and boom i stumbled upon a sub-folder which i named ‘Food’ in my Jakarta folder. what a perfect timing because i was hungry like a wolf when i looked at all of the food this morning and hence decided to post them here just so my Jakarta trip could see the light.

all photos were taken using my point and shoot because i havent own a dslr back then but that’s not important so feast yourself with all the food with your eyes! :p


traditional kuih-muih or deserts served to us upon arrival at our host's house. mostly made of sticky rice and coconut milk.


Bakso - meatball soup with mee hoon / rice noodles


another Bakso. Yum!


Jus Sirsak! Soursop Juice. so far indonesia offers the best original soursop juice i ever tried. u can taste and feel the fiber lines of the fruit with your tounge.


this is breakfast at our host's house every single day....


nasi lemak


traditional delicacies


hot and spicy chilli paste. yes. breakfast.


iced strawberries. fresh and straight out from the freezer so when u bite on it, it feels like u are eating fresh strawberry icecream without the cream... u get me?.

this next one has a funny story. sold by roadside vendors and sometimes can be seen inside the mall sold by those small2 stalls. there’s a rule in drinking this. once you finish with the drink, you have to RETURN the bottles back to the vendor. so that means you cannot go too far away from the stall. so, what we did the 1st time, we paid and walked away. until we heard the vendor came chasing and shouted at us to ask us to return his bottles. hahaha!!! so we had to drink out Teh Botol quickly there and then and returned them to him. haiiihhh….


Tel Botol - Bottled Tea.


me with vytha, our new friend 🙂 in Mangga Dua Mall. she has a boutique there selling children costumes. very cute!

if at our host’s house we only eat clean and fresh and healthy food, but with vytha and her then fiance (now husband) we got to try their local street foods. that included the bakso (above) and this next one. this place that they brought us i reckon is a famous street stall because we had to wait for earlier customers to finish eating to get seats and while we ate, there were already new customers waited for us to leave. stress!!!


Pecel Lele - Fried Catfish with white rice accompanied with kangkung ( morning glory vege) and come together with hot and spicy chilli as sambal. aihhh!!!! it's finger linkin' good, ok!!!

to complete our finger lickin’ good Pecel Lele set, we ordered what Jakarta is so good for – fresh fruit juice!


Avocado Juice with chocolate.


back at host's house, more local traditional kuih muih the next morning.



i love this!!!! banana with gula melaka with sprinkle of grated coconut (or is it kerisik?) as dessert 😀


haaa!! this is curry puff eaten together with raw chilli!!! yes 1st time saw but no harm to try. pedas juga but i am fine with it 🙂


honestly, i totally forgot what this is 😦


Our yet another meriah breakfast @.@ at host's house


sorry the photo is shaky but i just wanna tell u that although it looked so unappetizing it taste surprisingly GOOD!! but i forgot what it called but know there's chicken inside *look down*


by now i really cant wait for this post to end. posting all these food pics is making me hungry!!


more local kuih

remember i mentioned that our host is very health conscious?! one morning he made us fresh Tumeric Juice!! which after a sip all our faces turned like this – >__<! we saw he added some lemon juice, and honey into the blender machine together with the raw tumeric. he then proceeded explaining to us the benefits of it eg: boost immune system, good for liver and to those who love singing (like me :p) soothe the throat. so we obliged T__T



one of the common lunch set at food court.

#25 last but not least….

airport version of Pecel Lele

yay! done!! finally!!! now i can go for my lunch.

we were so blessed for the excellent hospitality of our host, Pak Freddie Leong and Ibu Ria and family. this family not only had offered us their place and food and rides (with their personal drivers) but also demonstrated the heart of a servant and love from our dear Lord despite being so much blessed with worldly needs. so did Miss Vytha and Pak Henry who understood the heart of younger generation like us who had brought us around to experience their street food.

my advice is if u go to Jakarta, dont miss trying their fresh fruit juice. you’ll never regret it.

be blessed, peeps!


  1. You made me very hungry!! Definitely trying these when I’m in Jakarta.

    Comment by Mick — August 26, 2011 @ 12:11 pm | Reply

    • haha!! must try their fresh fruit juice. big serving and and tasty 🙂

      Comment by lv — August 26, 2011 @ 2:15 pm | Reply

  2. i want to go there and eat !!

    Comment by khay — August 26, 2011 @ 11:31 pm | Reply

  3. wow i don’t know u came to jakarta, exactly when this happen? wanna to add info, culinary #18 called “kerak telor”, culinary #22 called “pepes ayam” (if ayam inside, pepes ikan when ikan inside), for nasi lemak we called here nasi uduk… cmiiw

    Comment by Yudhi Gobel — September 11, 2011 @ 12:20 am | Reply

    • THANK YOU for adding in the info, Yud!!! very much appreciated 🙂

      Comment by lv — September 12, 2011 @ 3:38 pm | Reply

  4. hahaha…4 years???mannn i thought im the only one with few backlogged post… mine is still ok i guess…just 3months ago. You lagi gung-ho…funny ba u. anyway, now thanks to your post full with food pictures, IM HUNGRY!!!!!!

    p/s : u look so young back then! hihi

    Comment by Makeupgeeek — September 29, 2011 @ 10:21 pm | Reply

    • ya lah… i totally forgot about it already. the folder was actually pending to be posted. sekali…. nahh!! four years had passed *shakes head* shorter hair makes me look young maybe *perasan* :p

      Comment by lv — September 30, 2011 @ 12:22 am | Reply

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