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August 19, 2011

Beribu-ribu Lemon + Hitz.fm TV Commercial

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hmmm…. i finally uploaded my bali trip photos on my fb which deserve much applaud because it took me three freaking months to finally upload it. yeah. my bali trip last march was only posted in august. thank you very much for saying i’m lazy. it is totally acceptable.

upon uploaded, i received the funniest comment from grace the makeupgeeek that goes like this very nice!! did u edit ALL the pictures?? before you say yes, let me pengsan first. *pengsan*. LOL! and then i replied something like – the photo selection took the longest time and ‘2 dslrs, beribu-ribu lemon ah… i pengsan 3 bulan ok’. haha!! ok, *cough* attempt of being funny fail *look down*

so, i have few more ‘beribu-ribu lemon’ photos from various trips to be uploaded. and i am currently working on the most exciting and memorable trip i have ever gone, Vietnam!!! so stay tune. meh!! (like i will post them any sooner) but yeah, please dont abandon this humble blog please. then i remember a friend told me ‘how do u expect people not to abandon ur blog u NEVER update it!!! u are the one who abandon it!!’ oh, why do i have such friend?! T____T but i heart all my friends nonetheless 🙂

i cant blog too long now because i am too excited to go back early today to beautify myself for our co’s ramadhan berbuka puasa in errr 2.5 hour time. i’ve intended to wear my kebaya but horror of all horror!!! i cannot fit in it!!!! huarrrgh!!!!! i almost cannot breath in it when i tried on it last night….. huhuhu…. how can i gained so much in a year?! *wail* since we are the host we have to be there earlier than all the invited clients. haihhh…. what to wear? what to wear? *panic

remember this post?! i thought that was it UNTIL recently my creepy high pitch returned to haunt me on tv screen!! of course with my own consent (now i wonder why i agreed to it)

since it’s a friday. i allow myself to make a fool at myself with this hitz.fm tv commercial u’ll see once in a while on Astro. THANK YOU T____T

P/S: before you click on it. it is advisable to use ear plugs.


Happy Friday, peeps!!


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