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August 1, 2011

Monday Musings

hello from a lazy blogger! T__T i know!!!! dont tell me about it kns. july has been very super mega ultra hectic (with travelling) for me i hardly find free and comfortable time to just sit back and blog. and the photos?!! arrrghh!!! nightmares i tell you. they’ve been piling up each month that i myself can no longer catch up with all of them. ask my friends and family. i’ve yet to post up my photos since errrm… march?! kns. and now i have yet to unpack my luggage since my return from my most recent trip. it has been a week plus now. this is so unusual because i am that kind of weird person who will unpack everything immediately right after arrival NO MATTER HOW TIRED I FEEL LIKE JUST FALL FLAT AND FAINT. because i cannot stand seeing luggage on the floor where they doesnt belong. OCD?!

on a sad note. ceh! (suka betul berduka!) I AM SUPPOSE TO BE LYING ON THE SANDY BEACHES OF PHUKET TODAY AND THEN BANGKOK 2 DAYS AFTER!!!!! but look at where i am now. stuck in the office with NOTHING MUCH TO DO. Grrrrr…. not because i’ve utilised all my annual leaves of this year. not because the boss couldnt release me. but because my travel partner couldnt make it this time. uhuk uhuk uhuk….. i know one of my resolution of this year (konon) is to travel solo. yes. i am so tempted to go by myself but so many loved ones are too worry for me to go there alone *WAILS* sigh!! i guess i am more worry to let them worry about me than i am worry about myself being there. i really dont want my phone to keep ringing during my vacation lor…. not only waste the caller’s bill, waste MY own bills too cos i’ll be paying both ways. but actually that’s not to worry even a bit because Thailand has the cheapest local sim card to call back home. i am not so sad for not be able to be in phuket. i am just VERY SAD for not being able to be in bangkok!!!!!! T______T i want shopping!!!! *hides in corner and sobs*

howkay…. i guess i’ll just have to deal with it already T___T not everything goes as planned. SUCK IT!! ME!! so on a happier note, i’ll still be going to phuket next month. YAY!! and one of my gf is going to tie the knot end of this month. very happy for her and i’ve been very kiasu i’ve booked my ticket to go back because she of all the dates has to pick a date where it would be the most peak season/ date of the month where seats will be very sought after because it will be on the 1st day of school holidays and Hari Raya.

streamyx has been installed at the house. i know what a tortoise, right?! with that all the more reason to blog diligently. please…. give me some moral support if not no post for you to read kns.

i hit the botanical garden yesterday. and i am going to start running daily from now on. because there are evil people who said i’ve gained a tonne! and had too much unnecessary tan *exaggerating* so watch me! by end of this month i will fit back in that skimpy LBD and those skinny jeans that dont show me any love recently T___T

to ease my sadness for not being able to be in thailand today i’m posting this photo below as a reminder of the land of smile 🙂

this is The White Temple of Chiang Rai.

The White Temple (Wat Rong Khun), Chiang Rai Thailand

i’ll see you next month, Thailand.

happy monday and be blessed, peeps!!


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