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May 30, 2011

Leaving T16 for Japan

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in an hour the helicopter will arrive and i’ll be leaving this rig. finally!! (i’m killing time actually) and then i’ll have to catch an express boat to kk in the afternoon. phew…. i’ll only have the most 2.5 hours to go to the office, do my post-job arrangement, unpack, freshen up (i doubt it) and repack. i hardly have time to breath at all. but when talking about packing. i think i’ve developed that skill very very well over the years.

well, this rig has made me gained 1 kg. $%^&#@!!! how coulnd that be?! i had cheese cake almost everyday for the whole 10 days of my stay here. but nevertheless i pretty like Trident 16.

according to plan which all flights and acommodation have been confirmed. i am suppose to be in Osaka by yesterday. but look at what my job has did to me?!!!!!!! i had to missed my unrefundable Air Asia flight from Labuan to KL last Fri. and to reschedule my trip to Osaka which was originally according to the T&C was a Non-Refundable package!!! but by miracle with the help of so many fren’s colleague’s hubby’s CEO’s girlfriend’s friend’s friend we finally can make changes to the date. so in short, i will be leaving to Osaka tomorrow!!!! yippidooo!!!! it’s quite an irony that i just finished with my job inspecting radiation here (and it is safe) and now i’ll be going to a country which just suffered from radiation catastrophe. but Osaka is far from Fukushima so it’s fine. maybe i’ll bring along my film badge just to see if there’s significant reading :p i’m kidding, boss!

aihh… i need to see the Company Man (the person in-charge to sign my timesheet) now. no signature no allowance no RM.

will update soon.



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