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April 5, 2011

I’m not dead, I’m just lazy

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Ola! The title says it all. I’m just plain lazy nowadays that I don’t even log in to this pitiful blog *pats blog lovingly* i have tried many times to update but alas once i just about to start words failed me. i had my writer’s block and i rather browse through other blogs and wander aimlessly on my FB. and for your info i have a training materials need to be done a.s.a.p but look at me. blogging instead. it’s just so frustrating that when i am suppose to do one thing, i will do another. sigh! there have been many things going around me since my last update. some very heart breaking and confusing and stressful and eat-all-my-energy things and situation that I wish no one will ever experience. I almost ALMOST experience a regret of a life time if not for some miracle. MIRACLE! I kid you not. and i am forever thankful for that one HUGE chances God has given to the situation. really. if wasnt for it i will live the rest of my life with regret IT. IS. THAT. SCARY. SERIOUSLY. i wished for more time. but who am I to rebel His will. when the time’s up. one must go. nothing in this world could stop His timely time. ~ that day, i learned regret is the worst feeling a human could ever feel.

then i waited in silence. i knew. you knew what’s gonna happend next. we knew what’s the question next. but we chose to stay silent with a lump in our throath in every conversations. then i realised this is what we have in common. escape. ~ that day, i learned that silence has sound it can be the loudest cry it is deafening.

enough with cryptic emo writing. so i returned from my most recent trip to Bali. it was a great relaxing trip with my gf jane. one of the most random and short decision on impulse trip i ever had. i just wanted to get away and to see Bali again. and to buy my giraffes! ~ that day, i learned that ignorance is bliss!!

a sneak peek.


yes. we returned with a beautiful sun-kissed skin :p

Happy Tuesday!!


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