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March 14, 2011

Monday Musings

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blog owner update. i iz sick. boo!!!!! T_______T


i am actually uploading some photos up on fb and the uploading time takes forever so i decided to just add some random ramblings here as i wait while at the same time trying hard not to pull my hair as to think of what for dinner. hur…. hur… hur…. so what for dinner ah?!! any suggestion? i plan just to ‘ta pao’ tom yam soup and that’s it. i dunno whether that’s good for my weak and sick self at the moment but i lagi tak larat to cook for my own lor. sigh! screw normal sentence and grammar la (not that mine is any good) i am sick so i can write however i feel like now. kns. blame it on the rain.


ok. datuk lee chong wei won all england last night which i actually didnt watch. kns. was nursing my flu and migraine with self pity and lots of sleep by then. but before that i was out with a friend, tingang for jalan2 and next thing we knew malaysia double team lose and it was already 11p.m.


my heart goes for the recent japan tsunami victims and families T___T and then there was also warning that the effect would hit sabah and labuan so everyone is advised to stay away from the coast. i received sms and phone calls from some concern people who apparently keep me in their thought *touched* and thank God that we are fine.


i am going to the site tomorrow. it has been almost a year since i last wear my blue coveralls :p job would an easy task so i think i can handle it despite the boss advice me to go see the doctor earlier. i just hope that the heat wont melt me. that’s all. if i lose to the heat i’ll be doomed for another round of this pathetic sick condition. arrghhh!!! note to self, must take meds and have full rest tonight.


oh no this uploading really gonna take longer than i thought!! hmmm….. what else should i rant about?! my head is throbbing with pain and my body aches and my nose is trying its best to run away from me. aihhh….. i know i should stop now and start go ‘ta pao’ that freaking tom yam which is again not the best food to consume at this condition but the uploading is half way through now i just dont wanna discard it now i spent lots of time on them ok.


sigh! i’m sorry u have to endure all my nonsense up there. so here’s a sneak peek for what’s in store next. i hope.

dream mall roof top amusement park, kaohsiung, taiwan.

be blessed, peeps!!


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  1. Hope you are feeling better.

    Comment by toemailer — March 22, 2011 @ 2:55 am | Reply

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