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February 24, 2011

Post Proposal + Midget Feet

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so i am free. so free but tired max after the whole hectic crazy rush of meeting the deadlines that stole my beauty sleeps away from me since the last three days. for two days in a row i had been working late at night in the office and a day before the submission i went home at 1a.m. @_@ the proposal has to be submitted by hand so i had to fly (return) to kk yesterday just to drop the freaking heavy box and a giant envelope to the counter. i was in the mood of dressing up (for no apparent reason like usual) and for a moment i thought that i must ‘create’ a reason for my effort to doll up. so i turned into a bimbo and this was what i posted on my twitter and fb. “I hope my effort to dress nice2 n did hair nice2 just to submit this bid will give a point for winning it :p *bimbo* this box is heavy n I lack sleep @_@” i think i passed to be one, no? and it only took me 15 minutes to drop the whole thing at the submission counter!!! i could have taken the next flight around noon but i had bought a night flight so i had one whole day in kk all by myself. week days suck!!! nobody can entertain you. but thank goodness i met a long time friend on the flight so we had sushi together before we parted. and for the first time ever i had to kill time by watching movie – the mechanic, alone *cue for akon’s lonely song* but honestly i quite enjoy the lonesome though. the only bummer i sat near a young couple who whispered too loud to each other T.T i am on a mission to hunt for the perfect shoes (if you know what i mean) i saw a perfect heels that i’ve been looking for a long time but wth, horror of all horrors, they didnt have my size!!!!! *glass shattered sound* why??!!! why???!!!!! why must i always always encounter such heartbreaking and hope-wrenching moment when buying shoes?!!! why do they never consider foot for midget like me??!! what make me even disappointed was the fact that the heels were considerably cheap for its class and design. and i cannot have them!! *cry a river* i read somewhere from a fashion magazine once that asked, ‘are you a shoe person or a bag person?’ my answer is definitely the former. that explains the emo-ness ok now shut up i am still mending my broken heart over the pretty heels….. i know, i is emo but still…. *drama queen sobs silently in corner*

huhuhuhuuu….. the shoes….



i have so many photos in the folder waiting to be processed now that just looking at them i feel sorry to all the people who are awaiting for them to be posted up. haihhh…. i might as well start doing that now so that’s a hint that i’m gonna leave now and start slaving myself with the photos. tonnes of them. gambateh to me! and please stay tune for my next photo post. i hope.

so are you a shoe person or a bag person?

tak habis2 lagi.

happy thursday and be blessed, peeps!!



  1. Being a women(ececehh) i feel oblige to answer ur question. hhahahaha.


    suddenly that question seems hard to answer.
    I like shoes but i cannot stand wearing them i.e heels and i always opt to match everything with my havaianas/MJ shoes.
    Bags, as oppose to shoes, i change my ladies bag every 2 days (itupun if i go out la) and depends on what type of outing. Thus I tend to find notes in each bag all the time T.T
    I think im a bag person. as of now lah.

    Comment by Makeupgeeek — February 24, 2011 @ 9:36 pm | Reply

    • MUG,

      hehe…. i know i am a shoe person since i was just a little girl. i think i blogged about it before :p as for bags, hmmm… depends on outing also. diff outing diff bag. but i always end up with my backpack because i have a big camera T.T but i dont get as excited as i see shoes when it comes to bag lah. heee~~

      Comment by lv — March 8, 2011 @ 10:44 am | Reply

  2. You mentioned in your blog that you were under 5′ tall. Exactly how far under 5′ are you a d youir shoe size? Just curious.

    Comment by Mark — January 12, 2012 @ 5:27 am | Reply

    • i am four feet nine inch :p and i wear size 4 shoes. hehe…

      Comment by lv — January 12, 2012 @ 5:56 pm | Reply

      • I can see where you may have trouble finding shoes in your size by just going to your local Kmart, Target, or Walmart. There are many online shoe stores that cater to small feet like yours. Cinderellaofboston.com comes to mind. They have shoes that go down to a size 1! I once dated a girl who was 4’00” ( I’m 6’00”) and her shoe size (she claimed) was a children’s 12, although I could swear it was no larger than an 8 1/2! This was three years ago and she was 47!
        Well, I have to get ready for work, so I’d love to hear from you again, if your husband approves, and I am going under the assumption that you are. If not, I’ll understand.


        Comment by Mark Meeks — January 13, 2012 @ 3:16 am

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