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February 19, 2011

Melbourne: The Yarra Valley Wineries

before you continue please return to my previous melbourne post HERE. because i had some time in between my hectic work yesterday and feel obliged to share some informative info to all of you so that at least you learn something from this humble blog of mine. so go read about the fun facts about The Little Penguins there (which i actually got from Wikipedia but whatevs just read ok.

now, i know you are getting sick with this. i promise this is the last (but i think there’s one more. pls dont abandon my blog. please… )

it was our last day. but our flight was a midnight flight so we had a full day for another tour around the country. we chose to go for the wineries at the yarra valley because we were thirsty :p and the weather decided to act gloomy. it drizzled, it rained, and it was freaking cold!!! so what’s better than to warm up with some errr….. booze?! and some cheese. owh…. and some lurrrrve with other friendly visitors?!

but before that we stopped at menzie’s creek to pick up some of the coach passengers who went on the old steam train called puffing billy. although we didn’t go for the ride but we had time to take some photos with it. and i know i’ve posted this picture before but it deserves double appearance. so here it is!!


meet the legendary Puffing Billy!!


the eskimo and Puffing Billy!! =.=

our first winery was a place called Fergusson Winery and it was our lunch stop. being a sakai i thought we’ll see those beautiful romantic wineries like those photos we usually see with fresh grapes all ready to be plucked and pop into the mouth. until we saw this…..


errr..... this is all you can see during the winter T____T



at The Fergusson


starters.... it was so yummy i almost ask for more T__T


qeueing for our grilled pork. that's the daughter of the owner. very friendly πŸ˜‰


tadaa.... my greedy portion! :p u cant see the meat it was underneath.... hehe...


the porks were placed at the fireplace and ready to be served.....

and here are some of their wines.


mmmm..... mmmmm.....

our second winery was at Dominique Portet.


it rained earlier and it was freezing cold we cant wait to get inside but i managed to pull a smie.


this is how it looks like inside


the wines that we tasted here.... πŸ™‚

yay! to our third and last winery of the day. Domaine Chandon. for me it was the best one. i miss……


ya... beautiful, no?!

while waiting for our tour guide i wandered around the place. it was a beautiful place indeed.


cute looking building at one corner of the place


the front part of he place 'star'ning πŸ™‚


ahhhh.... cannot wait to taste!! :p


muka tidak sabar =o=


type of oaks used to make the barrels also influence the taste of the wines.... (as far as i remember)


tour around and listened attentively (sometimes) to the tourguide.... and u know what i was doing :p


with new friends from brazil and korea πŸ™‚

we were served with their expensive sparkling wine along with local cheese and fresh bread while soaking up the beautiful view of the winery from their greenpoint room….


this photo doesnt do the justice for the real deal. i tell u it was divine...... *salivating all over again* i miss..... T.T


remember the name. it's one of the best!!


breathtaking.... view overlooking the winery....


the winery.....

so last but not least….


CHEERS!!!!! πŸ™‚

finally!!! phew!! it took me a freaking 4 hours to finish this post i cannot wait to click the ‘publish’ button. WTH!!! (while watching a three-hour hindi movie Hum Tum and now Junior Master Chef Australia at the same time) so i’d really appreciate some blog loving from you by dropping some comments here *shameless* kidding :p (ok, serious!)

be blessed, peeps!!!


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