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January 24, 2011

Monday Musings

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because it is monday and i can feel that my next coming posts will gonna be full of photos.


i am supposed to be at the botanical garden now for my daily jog but sadly it’s raining!!!!!!! *cries* i want my daily jog….. huhuhu….. TT_____TT *tantrum*


had another fun roadtrip to kk over the weekends with good companies. met up and camped together with cousin fiona and her colleague. all we did were eat. sightseeing. eat. eat. and eat some more. that’s why i am so frustrated now that i cant go for my jog *emo max* and for the record, i did not buy anything during this trip!! i surprised myself!!! wow!!


and i admit that kebaya is just not for me T___T it hates me!! huhuhu….. really. not the other way round. i think, maybe i’ll pair it with jeans or a three quarter pants instead of the sarong to make it looks more ME. tak boleh jadi betul!! but we’ll see…..


american idol. aahh!! other than j.lo being such a babe (i adore her makeups and styles) i am totally smitten with the odd-but-magnetic-sexay steven tyler!!! *glee*


i revisited some of my old posts the other day. (ya i read my own blog i dont have life you have problem with that?!) one of my protected emo and jiwang entry caught me. i wrote “overlooking the view outside i was staring at nothingness…. is missing someone really this hurtful? oh how i almost forgotten how it feels….” wow!! i must be really jiwang with a capital J at that point :p and fyi, i wrote that on a flight. fragments of familiar tingling of absence unfurls before me these days. i miss some people i almost cannot contain it i just wanna break down and hide in corner and act dont care but actually care T____T and really?! why is it so hard?!


as much as i craved for cold stone ice cream which is impossible to get in malaysia i am satisfied to just to substitued it with McD’s cornetto’s sundae with chocolate flavour. because the person who treated that matters 🙂


and i have a very severe chappy lips now that it hurts so much when i smile sometimes it bleeds. T_____T HELP!!

Happy Monday & be blessed, peeps!!

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