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January 14, 2011

Melbourne in Black & White

because it is one of my favourite kind of photography.

and it is the easiest way to steal time. so i’ll just post some colourless photos of melbourne for your viewing pleasure while i get busy with the rest of it ok.

#1 i like the feel of the movement. i was very sakai.

from a moving coach

#2 david jones was just opposite the hotel. shopping was so convenient :p

through my window

#3 pristine sandy beaches along The Great Ocean Road.

one of the lookout along The Great Ocean Road trip.

#4 a little village called anglesea.

#5 the twelve apostles.

the magnificient twelve apostles

#6 melbourne city. the best city road design in the world. i fell totally in love with their…. roads!

melbourne city

#7 and always give way for the trams.

#8 this one is one of my fav. shrine of remembrance.


#9 flinder’s street station.

meet me under the clock!

#10 the forum theatre. impressive building.

#11 happy children on the puffing billy. the legendary steam train.

i love!

#12 couldnt resist this. they were fellow malaysian.

one for the album 🙂

#13 quaint looking chandeliers at the ferguson winery.

creative much!

#14 barrels and barrels of wines.


#16 domain chandon winery. the best winery that we’ve visited.

spectecular view of the winery.

#17 last but not least. let’s toast for a marvellous year ahead. cheers!!

remember the name.

be blessed, peeps!!



  1. #11 Totally made my day. What beautiful photos!
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed,

    Comment by Tori Nelson — January 15, 2011 @ 12:10 am | Reply

    • Thanks for being the 1st to comment 🙂

      Comment by lv — January 19, 2011 @ 10:39 am | Reply

  2. These are ALL great pictures! Love the last one- Chandon is yummy 🙂 -Kim

    Comment by KimHindsPhotography — January 15, 2011 @ 12:18 am | Reply

    • haha!! indeed!! very YUMMY i miss them already :p

      Comment by lv — January 19, 2011 @ 10:40 am | Reply

  3. After having a look at your photos, I want to go to Melbourne for a time in my life.

    Comment by fragriver — January 15, 2011 @ 12:18 am | Reply

    • you should. it’s a beautiful and peaceful place.

      Comment by lv — January 19, 2011 @ 10:48 am | Reply

  4. Wonderful images from Melbourne.



    Comment by Calogero Mira — January 15, 2011 @ 12:18 am | Reply

  5. Beautiful photos, would love to visit Melbourne one day!

    Comment by Christy aka Mamarazzi — January 15, 2011 @ 12:22 am | Reply

  6. I love the stark contrasts offered in black-and-white photography…these are stunning shots.


    Comment by Mikalee Byerman — January 15, 2011 @ 12:24 am | Reply

  7. Fantastic shots! 🙂

    Comment by barrycyrus — January 15, 2011 @ 12:34 am | Reply

  8. Wonderful pictures!!! Love the use of black and white…it always makes pictures look so much more intriguing.

    Comment by runtobefit — January 15, 2011 @ 12:39 am | Reply

  9. That great Ocean Road beach photo is stunning! Shooting in black and white give such a new dimention and depth to these images. The wine bottle chandelier is fab!

    Comment by I Made You A Mixtape — January 15, 2011 @ 12:41 am | Reply

  10. Great photos! I love the 12 apostles and the wine bottle chandelier. I would like to create something similar for a lighting fixture in my home. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Comment by humanitarikim — January 15, 2011 @ 1:18 am | Reply

  11. Images 13 and 14 the composition is just wonderful and so is the lighting.

    Comment by Cate Franklyn — January 15, 2011 @ 1:27 am | Reply

  12. Fabulous photos–stunning, really. I lived in Vietnam for a year and currently call Haiti home, but I’ve always wanted to visit Australia! And congrats on Freshly Pressed————
    Blogging from Port-au-Prince,

    Comment by Kathryn McCullough — January 15, 2011 @ 1:33 am | Reply

  13. Great post! I love #3 and #11. I visited Melbourne a few years ago, and it is absolutely beautiful. I really like the tracks on the beach and the two people in the third photo. And I remember going on Puffing Billy, so #11 holds some nostalgic moments for me as well.


    Comment by Prada For Breakfast — January 15, 2011 @ 1:56 am | Reply

  14. Awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing them.

    Comment by audrey — January 15, 2011 @ 1:57 am | Reply

  15. Love, love, love…I adore Black and White photography. I think it’s because I’m a fan of contrast. I also love you use of angles and leading lines in these pics. Thanks for sharing!


    Comment by CrystalSpins — January 15, 2011 @ 2:01 am | Reply

  16. Great set of photos. As you can tell from my username I’m a fan of black and white photography. There’s a nice variety of subjects and the composition is good. My favourite is the first one.

    Comment by mostlymonochrome — January 15, 2011 @ 2:07 am | Reply

  17. Very nice! I’ve always prefered B/W photos.

    Comment by Mitch Leuraner — January 15, 2011 @ 2:46 am | Reply

  18. Wow. I really can’t even pick a favorite! 11 is SO timeless. It strikes me as a shot in the US from the 1940’s! 🙂 And 13 is fantastic… not just the subject, but the lines… WOW.

    Good work!

    Comment by teapotchronicles — January 15, 2011 @ 2:54 am | Reply

  19. Your pictures are wonderful. I think the 12 Apostles might be my favorite. Congrats on being freshly pressed.

    Comment by notesfromrumbleycottage — January 15, 2011 @ 3:15 am | Reply

  20. I love the way you have captured melbourne, my home town. Your fresh eyes notice so much detail that pass my old eyes by. Thanks for making me see things i never noticed before.

    Comment by The Invisible Cookbook — January 15, 2011 @ 3:21 am | Reply

  21. amazing series of photos. the photo from the moving coach is beautiful and haunting. well done.

    Comment by Brian — January 15, 2011 @ 4:31 am | Reply

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  23. Incredible shots all around. Flinders Street Station & Puffing Billy are so much better than the ones I had taken when I was there. Isn’t it a great city.

    Comment by Diana — January 15, 2011 @ 4:44 am | Reply

  24. Beautifully captured the soul of the city in Blacl & White. Any photos of the MCG or any other sporting activities?


    Comment by rohitprasad71 — January 15, 2011 @ 6:06 am | Reply

  25. Great!I like this. Thank you:))

    Comment by Fisherman — January 15, 2011 @ 6:14 am | Reply

  26. Very cool! And unique!

    Comment by lessonstobelearned462 — January 15, 2011 @ 6:24 am | Reply

  27. Number 10 is the Forum Theatre. St Patricks is not in the middle of the city it is up on Eastern Hill.

    Comment by wally — January 15, 2011 @ 6:30 am | Reply

  28. Great photos. I was back in Melbourne over Christmas/New Year but didn’t get the camera out once.
    The Forum’s interior is as impressive as its interior. I hope you get a chance to see it.
    And you are so right about the roads. I live in Perth now, and even though I drove in Melbourne for only a few years before I moved across the country I am instantly at ease when I get behind the wheel in Melbourne. Also, Melbourne drivers are more switched-on and aware of what’s going on around them (tells you what I think about Perth drivers, doesn’t it?)

    Comment by Gregoryno6 — January 15, 2011 @ 6:34 am | Reply

    • interior is as impressive as its EXterior… headslap

      Comment by Gregoryno6 — January 15, 2011 @ 3:34 pm | Reply

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  30. Black and white has a such a different effect. I especially like the shot with the people sitting on the side of the train.

    Comment by acleansurface — January 15, 2011 @ 6:50 am | Reply

  31. Great post, looking forward to the next one. ~SW

    Comment by Sara — January 15, 2011 @ 6:55 am | Reply

  32. Great photos, I especially like the Puffing Billy photo. I think it’s timeless – it reminds me of a photo taken during war-time when mothers and kids were being evacuated to a safer place.

    Comment by Toni Tones — January 15, 2011 @ 7:26 am | Reply

  33. interesting article, is the first entered in this site and will not be the last

    Comment by EscayolistasValencia — January 15, 2011 @ 8:15 am | Reply

  34. Great photos! I especially like the shot of children dangling from the steam train. Very classic. Do you normally shoot in black and white, or do you Photoshop after the fact?

    Comment by suburbanmisfit — January 15, 2011 @ 8:37 am | Reply

  35. Melborune is a very nice city indeed. I visit this place 6 years ago.

    My question is, is Melbourne suffered by the flood in NSW and Queensland?

    Comment by pallet racking — January 15, 2011 @ 10:07 am | Reply

  36. THESE ARE AMAZING. I have always wanted to go to Melbourne, this makes me crave that yearning even more!

    Comment by artfashionandhim — January 15, 2011 @ 10:19 am | Reply

  37. yeah you’ve taken amazing picture
    ireally like it

    Comment by komopipit — January 15, 2011 @ 10:49 am | Reply

  38. Wonderful shots!

    Comment by toemailer — January 15, 2011 @ 11:34 am | Reply

  39. Beautiful pictures! I think #’s 1, 3, 13, and 15 are my favorites… Nice job!

    Comment by coffeepearlsgrace — January 15, 2011 @ 11:54 am | Reply

  40. Beautiful pictures!

    Comment by travelsincooking — January 15, 2011 @ 12:44 pm | Reply

  41. Great photos… There is something about black & white pictures that just bring out so much detail in a photo.

    Comment by Lu — January 15, 2011 @ 1:05 pm | Reply

  42. great photographs!! these are really fantastic. i especially enjoy #3, #5, #14, and most of all #16, i just wish ol’ boy hadn’t been in the frame. that is a fantastic shot though!

    keep shooting!
    fantastic post.

    Comment by mdutiel — January 15, 2011 @ 2:37 pm | Reply

  43. Whoa. These gorgeous pictures look like they’re right out of a historical archive or a museum gift-book!

    Comment by Magnificent Minimalist — January 15, 2011 @ 2:40 pm | Reply

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  45. gorgeous!! will be moving to australia in july. looking forward to get an opportunity to snap some the beauty there 🙂

    Comment by Fred — January 15, 2011 @ 3:05 pm | Reply

  46. awesome pics! 🙂 i love the picture u took of melbourne roads and 12 apostles! 🙂

    Comment by princessalvi — January 15, 2011 @ 3:41 pm | Reply

  47. Great pics. Brings back some fond memories of living there, 1998/99

    Comment by Ben Lowndes — January 15, 2011 @ 3:54 pm | Reply

  48. that is just awesome!!
    wonderful pictures!!

    Comment by Lorselle — January 15, 2011 @ 4:11 pm | Reply

  49. very nice (: looks professional

    Comment by paintedzebraa — January 15, 2011 @ 4:33 pm | Reply

  50. Wow. Stunning. My jaw dropped at once. Good job. (I want to go to Melbourne someday :D)

    Comment by Mad Hatter — January 15, 2011 @ 5:29 pm | Reply

  51. Lovely! I’m a Melbournian, so thanks for some pictures that reinforced my smugness about living in a beautiful city 🙂

    Comment by Erin — January 15, 2011 @ 5:58 pm | Reply

  52. Good photography especially the 12 apostles…

    Comment by SinhaG — January 15, 2011 @ 6:21 pm | Reply

  53. Magnificent pictures.Since my childhood i loved the art of buildings.Love the pictures thanks (:

    Comment by Maria — January 15, 2011 @ 6:40 pm | Reply

  54. Loved all the pics a lot.Thanks

    Comment by Vikash Thakur — January 15, 2011 @ 8:06 pm | Reply

  55. beautiful i feel like im seeing 19th century movie 🙂

    Comment by Harshika — January 15, 2011 @ 9:14 pm | Reply

  56. You got me with the children and the wine bottles. Nice!

    Comment by whenquiet — January 15, 2011 @ 9:49 pm | Reply

  57. Amazing photography.

    Comment by a10princeps — January 15, 2011 @ 11:16 pm | Reply

  58. Lovely! 🙂

    Comment by happycamper — January 16, 2011 @ 12:42 am | Reply

  59. Really, Really it’s timeless and worthless.

    Comment by Gaurav — January 16, 2011 @ 1:01 am | Reply

  60. It’s fantastic. I so much luv black&white pictures cos the indicate virtual creativity of man.

    Comment by Ibro baba — January 16, 2011 @ 1:22 am | Reply

  61. what a coincidence! Today I also wrote a post in BLACK&WHITE! Please have a look and let me know what you think about it!


    Kind regards Stefan

    On http://www.MyTree.TV you can find links for many documentaries… feel free to watch http://www.MyTree.TV – Your Web-Filter with daily updates! 😎 Thanks for sharing your news about Music, Art and Charity! NAMASTE!

    Comment by mytreetv — January 16, 2011 @ 2:03 am | Reply

  62. The pictures are amazing. I am just curious how do you include human element ( I mean include humans) in your picture. I find it very hard

    Comment by inrushboy — January 16, 2011 @ 3:27 am | Reply

  63. I love this! I was born there, but haven’t been there in about 20 years.

    Comment by missaliisa — January 16, 2011 @ 4:17 am | Reply

  64. Nice photos. Makes me want to do some black and white. 🙂

    Comment by My Camera, My Friend — January 16, 2011 @ 5:25 am | Reply

  65. Splendid!!!

    Comment by Vladimir Dostalek — January 16, 2011 @ 5:31 am | Reply

  66. Some great shots, some of them would work really well as groups of three. Personally I am an avid lover of Black and White, I find that it tells the story much better way then colour. You remove the distraction the colour creates and let the viewer see the picture as it is the shot has to be strong enough to keep you interested.

    Comment by workingwithlight — January 16, 2011 @ 6:04 am | Reply

  67. These are such wonderful photos! So moving- they transport me back to my semester abroad down in Oz. Great Post 🙂

    Comment by lolalovesit — January 16, 2011 @ 6:43 am | Reply

  68. Listening to Glen Miller as I looked at these pictures, I thought I was looking at some old movie stills. Great pics!

    Comment by The Mental Secretary — January 16, 2011 @ 7:36 am | Reply

  69. Amazing photos! It reminds me Blue Sky Black Death music…

    Comment by rjdwru — January 16, 2011 @ 8:02 am | Reply

  70. Beautiful Photos! I really enjoyed them.

    Comment by the domestic fringe — January 16, 2011 @ 8:27 am | Reply

  71. i like your photos all..
    it has many of the mines..do you know all ?? may i know, and please, tell it to me..
    the lernorval..?? who are you?

    Comment by aq aarei — January 16, 2011 @ 10:47 am | Reply

  72. Those pictures are so amazing! I loved all of them!

    Comment by E. Lanore Graves — January 16, 2011 @ 11:03 am | Reply

  73. these pictures are amazing.

    Comment by jmharr — January 16, 2011 @ 11:55 am | Reply

  74. These are such beautiful photos.!!

    I’m moving to Melbourne in 2 wks, now I’m more excited after seeing these photos 🙂

    Comment by laaudrey — January 16, 2011 @ 1:38 pm | Reply

  75. I absolutely love your blog! Awesome pictures. I hope someday I can take black-and-white photos as brilliant as yours. Keep it up!

    Comment by Judd — January 16, 2011 @ 2:28 pm | Reply

  76. amazing photography! congrats…

    Comment by Rangitha Kuruppu — January 16, 2011 @ 2:30 pm | Reply

  77. love the black and whites. My favorite mode of picture taking. When I see such pictures, I feel that they capture the moment. Like the moment’s frozen for ever. For all eternity. Gosh, There’s something in these pictures that you just don’t get in a color snap.

    Comment by dorcas — January 16, 2011 @ 3:07 pm | Reply

  78. Beautiful.

    Comment by psychodoodle — January 16, 2011 @ 3:09 pm | Reply

  79. Great snaps of my hometown!

    Comment by Robyn — January 16, 2011 @ 5:24 pm | Reply

  80. I’ll fly to Melbourne in a few months.. my love is there, waiting for me.. the pics are so cool

    Comment by exewigkeit — January 16, 2011 @ 6:11 pm | Reply

  81. ur pict totally amazing..

    keep take zizt..

    Comment by albummedanpoenya — January 16, 2011 @ 6:17 pm | Reply

  82. cool picture , I like that effect

    Comment by greyjacket — January 16, 2011 @ 6:21 pm | Reply

  83. Love the pictures, especially #3,5,9,and 13! Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by ARTiculateART — January 16, 2011 @ 6:32 pm | Reply

  84. Great stuff all round! I love the clock photo especially, good contrast with the windows and the quoins on the wall.Also like those wine bottles. I reckon you might get a kick out of some of mine also, feel free to have a browse on the link below. I only shoot black and white film and was recently in Melbourne over the spring, got some good shots of good ol’ Brunswick street, Fitzroy. Let me know what you think. cheers, jpont 🙂


    Comment by jpont1981 — January 16, 2011 @ 6:35 pm | Reply

  85. Stunning pictures! great use of black n white, they draw you in.. awesome job! 😀

    Comment by Noemi — January 16, 2011 @ 7:23 pm | Reply

  86. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

    Dan Jones

    Comment by strayimp — January 16, 2011 @ 8:41 pm | Reply

  87. It’s a beautiful work 🙂 white & black, emontions & perfect situations…
    Amazing! I want to go in Australia!!!

    Comment by libellulaverde — January 16, 2011 @ 10:08 pm | Reply

  88. Awesome pictures!

    I was at Melbourne some time ago. Walking along the beach is great. I find the weather is pretty good there. I plan visiting the town next year again, working a little bit and checking out some local restaurants.


    Comment by Stefan — January 16, 2011 @ 11:03 pm | Reply

  89. awesome…

    Comment by Ken — January 16, 2011 @ 11:33 pm | Reply

  90. Amazing Pics!

    Comment by weeklyscoops — January 17, 2011 @ 1:06 am | Reply

  91. I like the soft light of the images and the almost perfect gradation of black and white contrast medium and, no doubt, the clear ability to compose with dynamic graphics and visual sensitivity.
    Without discussion, are excellent pictures.

    Comment by Nelson González Leal — January 17, 2011 @ 1:57 am | Reply

  92. Thanks for taking me back home. I’m away from Melbourne and missing it greatly.

    Comment by Mike Moruzi — January 17, 2011 @ 3:43 am | Reply

  93. I’ve always wanted to travel, but I have recently taken an intense interest in photography. You are a true inspiration, gorgeous pictures, especially in black and white.

    Comment by codylafille — January 17, 2011 @ 3:46 am | Reply

  94. The way you captured some of the subjects made me view and think of photography in a whole new light. Thanks for sharing! Great job!

    Comment by Natalie Wheeler — January 17, 2011 @ 3:47 am | Reply

  95. Photographs are so much more interesting in black & white. These are really nice.

    Comment by JM — January 17, 2011 @ 3:54 am | Reply

  96. I live in Melbourne, and your photos made me love it more! It is such a beautiful understated city, and the surrounding areas are gorgeous. My husband and I often holiday around Melbourne even though we live here- because there is too much still to discover! Thanks for these photos.

    Comment by littlecurio — January 17, 2011 @ 6:00 am | Reply

  97. Great images! Thanks for sharing! #5 is breathtaking, made my day!

    Comment by 2thyselfbtrue — January 17, 2011 @ 6:03 am | Reply

  98. I love the clock tower on pic 6 and 10 😀 (especially the top ^^. looks cool in an western town!)

    Comment by Antonht — January 17, 2011 @ 6:56 am | Reply

  99. Great photo art ,love the city you brought it back

    Comment by readingroom4men — January 17, 2011 @ 7:31 am | Reply

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    Comment by wispywords — January 17, 2011 @ 7:49 am | Reply

  101. That wine chandelier is fabulous! I love the image of the champagne glass, too. I think I like the photos of the city buildings and traffic the best. I always think these types of images look great in black and white.

    Comment by rtcrita — January 17, 2011 @ 8:26 am | Reply

  102. Simply beautiful!

    Comment by Teacher Girl — January 17, 2011 @ 8:49 am | Reply

  103. Majestic! Some very moving photos..

    Comment by lisasub — January 17, 2011 @ 8:57 am | Reply

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  105. I ❤ Black & White . The steam train is my favorite.

    Comment by thejellybox — January 17, 2011 @ 10:44 am | Reply

  106. haha I knew you were a malaysian the moment I saw the word “sakai” 😛 gratz on fp ^_^

    Comment by Zhe — January 17, 2011 @ 12:16 pm | Reply

  107. I hope you actually went on Puffing Billy … and stuck your legs out the windows like the kids? And waved at all the people in the cars stopped at the crossings? It’s lots of fun even as an adult.

    Comment by Christopher — January 17, 2011 @ 12:38 pm | Reply

  108. Oh and someone asked about the Queensland Floods affecting Melbourne. The short answer is no.

    Queensland is very far away from Melbourne, so it would be impossible for the same flood waters to stretch here … but … since all of this part of the globe is having strange weather (El Nina, or climate change??) … there are some country areas in Victoria that are having “floods” when at this time of summer they’d usually have drought.

    It’s much less than Queensland though. The water isn’t as deep or strong – no houses or cars being carried away. No deaths yet, compared to Queensland’s 18 Dead, 14 Missing.
    (or compared to the 2,000 dead in the Pakistan floods)

    Comment by Christopher — January 17, 2011 @ 12:55 pm | Reply

  109. Beautiful! Always great to see your own hometown through another’s eyes 🙂

    Comment by ranreadwrote — January 17, 2011 @ 1:31 pm | Reply

  110. amazing photos! black and white is something i need to do more of in my work.

    Comment by Go Katayama — January 17, 2011 @ 3:08 pm | Reply

  111. hi there..nice photos..

    Im malaysian too.Nice to meet you~

    Comment by hayadith — January 17, 2011 @ 3:14 pm | Reply

  112. wonderful pictures..
    it flashback all my memory in that place..
    i love it…

    Comment by chardzliz143 — January 17, 2011 @ 3:21 pm | Reply

  113. Excellent pictures. Beautiful piece of photography..

    Comment by richannkur — January 17, 2011 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

  114. Such wonderful photography! Love the black and white, truly makes it timeless. Favorite photos are 3, 5 and 14. Congrats on being freshly pressed, that’s how I got to your blog.

    Comment by Rose — January 17, 2011 @ 3:53 pm | Reply

  115. Totally indulged in these pictures. Luv the Moet:) Cheers!

    Comment by heelsextremity — January 17, 2011 @ 4:28 pm | Reply

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  117. absolutely beautiful….congrats on being featured on freshly pressed!!

    Comment by richlyn — January 17, 2011 @ 8:33 pm | Reply

  118. excellent. I love “i love!” #11. Great details~

    Comment by Sonja Thorsvik — January 17, 2011 @ 10:39 pm | Reply

  119. Wow, absolutely love these pictures! 😀 A belated congrats on being freshly pressed. 🙂

    Comment by 4myskin — January 18, 2011 @ 1:30 am | Reply

  120. Fab! Off to Melbourne in 7 weeks time so so apprehensive about it all however when i see photos I cant wait! Love the Great Ocean Road shot 🙂 Well done

    Comment by pritishiks — January 18, 2011 @ 5:09 am | Reply

  121. amazing photos. Thank you for sharing

    Comment by brunOliveira — January 18, 2011 @ 6:40 am | Reply

  122. great shots!!! #7 is amazing!

    Greetings from Germany!

    Comment by portraitinjazz — January 18, 2011 @ 7:29 pm | Reply

  123. Some great photos. I love black and white photography. Never been as far south as Melbourne, but looks likes it’s worth a visit.

    Comment by steviegill — January 18, 2011 @ 8:31 pm | Reply

  124. Black and white are actually working better than colorful photos, I really get the moment and the pictures bring back all the memories I had in Melbourne. Keep up the good work 🙂

    Comment by ichahassan — January 18, 2011 @ 10:44 pm | Reply

  125. Calogera Mira; thanks! 🙂
    Christy; u should!
    Mikalee; that’s why it is one of my fav type of photography.
    barrycyrus; thanks, dude!
    runtobefit; i love running to be fit too *high five* yeah! b&w photos are intriguing.
    I Made You A Mixtape; indeed.
    humanitarikim; haha!! that chandelier really is unique. good luck on ur project on it 🙂
    Cate Franklyn; thank you.
    Kathryn McCullough; am going to vietnam soon. how’s haiti?! yes u should visit australia one day.
    Halie; i want prada for breakfast too! glad u hoped on puffing billy. i didnt *sob*
    audrey; glad u like them 🙂
    Crystal; i love b&w too!
    mostlymonochrome; b&w photography rocks, no?!
    Mitch Leuraner; me too.
    notesfromrumbleycottage; phew!! what a long name i have 🙂 thank you!
    The Invinsible Cookbook; your hometown is beautiful you should go around more often 🙂
    Brian; yeah… i agree with u it’s kinda haunting :p
    Diana; yes. i love the city. the wide roads…
    rohitprasad71; no MCG. no sporting events. boo! 😦
    Fisherman; thanks. i like your name :p
    lessonstobelearned462; thank you.
    wally; thanks for the info buddy. i’ll amend it asap.
    Gregoryno6; how are u in perth? yes. the roads are one of the thing i’ll always remember from my melbourne trip.
    acleansurface; thanks. the children are adorable.
    Sara; thanks. next one will be in colours though.
    Toni Tones; wow! is there such photo? i want to see. thank you.
    EscayolistasValencia; thanks!
    suburbanmisfit; i converted all in Photoshop. Puffing Billy is majority favourite. wow!
    pallet racking; yes. and no melbourne is safe from the flood.
    artfashionandhim; go! then share your story.
    komopipit; thank you. glad u like them 🙂
    toemailer; thanks.
    coffeepearlsgrace; thanks for the compliment.
    travelsincooking; thank you! 🙂
    Lu; u are so right about that.
    mdutiel; u a fantastic too!
    Magnificient Minimalist; haha!! ok u just give an idea. gift book!!
    Fred; all the best for your new life in melbourne soon. i’m sure u’ll like it.
    princessalvi; thanks princess! ya… melbourne roads fascinates me very much.
    Ben Lowndes; ya… memories… 🙂
    Lorselle; thank you!
    paintedzebraa; haha!! thank you…!
    Mad Hatter; *pick up Mad Hatter’s jaw back to its place* you are exagerrating much! haha!! thanks!!
    Erin; you should be proud.
    SinhaG; thank you!
    Maria; ya. buildings can be very fascinating too.
    Vikash; Thanks.
    Harshika; haha!! enjoy ur movie :p
    whenquiet; thanks. i like them too 🙂
    a10princeps; thank you.
    happycamper; thanks!
    Gaurav; what do you mean by worthless? :p
    Ibro baba; ya. i agree.

    Comment by lv — January 19, 2011 @ 12:20 pm | Reply

  126. Stefan; great post!

    inrushboy; good question. i feel human element breaths life to a photo. especially in b&w. a photo feels more ‘alive’ when they are in it. just my 2 cents 🙂

    missaliisa; wow! that long?!

    My Camera, My Friend; yeah, u should!

    Vladimir Dostalek; Thanks!

    workingwithlight; what a great comment 🙂 thank you!

    Lauren; thank you.

    The Mental Secretary; haha!! b&w movie in still images.

    rjdwru; thanks, dude!

    FringeGirl; thank you!!

    aq aarei; huh??!!

    E.Lanore Graves; thanks.

    jmharr; glad u like them.

    laaudrey; melbourne is such a beautiful city i will love it 🙂

    Judd; Thanks for dropping by!!

    Rangitha Kuruppu; Thanks, dude!

    dorcas; very moving comment. thank you.

    psychodoodle; thank you!

    Robyn; i love your hometown :)you should be proud.

    exewigkeit; ahhh…. have a great time with your love there.

    albummedanpoenya; thanks.

    greyjacket; thank you.

    ARTiculateART; you are welcome. you name is very ARTsy.

    jpont1981; u did?!! i cannot wait to see your photos 😀

    Noemi; thank you.

    Dan Jones; you are welcome 🙂 thanks for dropping by.

    libellulaverde; thanks for the compliment. yes. u should go 🙂

    Stefan; it is totally worth a revisit.

    Ken; Thank you.

    weeklyscoops; thanks.

    Nelson Gonzales Leal; wow!! your comment is so deep 🙂 thanks.

    Mike Moruzi; ahhww…. home is always where the heart is, no?!

    codylafille; glad to know this post gives you inspiration.

    Natalie Wheeler; you are welcome and thank you!

    JM; agree! Thanks.

    littlecurio; yes. you should be proud of it. i fell in love with it too…

    2thyselfbtrue; ahhh… the twelve apostles. glad that it made your day! i love your name btw :p

    Antonht; thank you. hehe…

    readingroom4men; thanks. you reading room is only for men?! >.<

    wispywords; interesting idea!

    rtcrita; haha…. describe the photos instead of just putting number. i like you. thanks!

    Teacher Girl; thanks!

    lisasub; wow!! glad to know. thanks.

    thejellybox; yeah. the puffing billy is a majority fav!

    Zhe; may i guess you are also from borneo?! or more specificly, sarawak?! :p

    Christopher; No…. i didnt… *sob sob* how i wish i did too…..

    ranreadwrote; proud that it has touched your heart 🙂

    Go Katayama; you should from now :p

    hayadith; thanks. hey. apa khabar?! 🙂

    chardzliz143; thank you!!

    richannkur; thanks.

    Rose; thank you for dropping by. it never cross my mind that this post could be freshly pressed. really.

    heelsextremity; haha!! i luv the Moet too ;p

    richlyn; thank you!!

    Sonja Thorsvik: ahh… 'i love' it too!! 😀

    4myskin; thanks! it's not too late yet :p

    pritishiks; haha!! u will love the city. believe me. it's beautiful and peaceful.

    brunOliveira; u are welcome. just sharing…

    potraitinjazz; thanks and u are welcome.

    steviegill; you wont regret it, buddy. it is a beautiful place.

    ichahassan; thank you! 🙂

    Comment by lv — January 19, 2011 @ 3:03 pm | Reply

  127. impressive, so much beauty.

    Comment by 7978moments — January 20, 2011 @ 12:57 pm | Reply

  128. congrats leanor, yes i admire and salute all your works, finally getting aknowledgement worldwide isnt it great? GBU

    Comment by hisdora — January 20, 2011 @ 10:09 pm | Reply

    • haha!! thank you… 😀

      yes it is. sungguh tak disangka.

      btw, thanks for dropping by 🙂


      Comment by lv — January 21, 2011 @ 3:51 pm | Reply

  129. Ha, I like your bulk response lv.
    How am I in Perth? Hot, sweaty – lucky we get a decent breeze off the ocean most afternoons.

    Comment by Gregoryno6 — January 22, 2011 @ 4:01 pm | Reply

    • good to know 🙂 u have a nice day!!

      Comment by lv — January 24, 2011 @ 10:42 am | Reply

  130. […] post with photos of Melbourne, Australia, in black and white. And another Australian city in this post […]

    Pingback by From Australia to Uzbekistan? And… photos of Melbourne in black and white « Calogero Mira and Travel — January 26, 2011 @ 1:40 am | Reply

  131. OMG! beautiful! perfect! love all d photos.. Nice shot babe! ;p only now i got the chances to drop by and have a look at ur blog.. u deserved it dear, for ur talent and hard-work (like a very professional photographer).. YES! u ARE! =)

    Comment by Dania Dasuki — January 27, 2011 @ 11:11 am | Reply

    • dania dasuki,

      adeh… terlebih sudah pujian kamu itu… :p

      thank you!! u have a nice day!

      Comment by lv — January 27, 2011 @ 12:24 pm | Reply

  132. Another blogger in Perth has posted some pics of his visit to a limestone cave south of the city. About as far as you could get from Melbourne.

    Comment by gregoryno6 — January 27, 2011 @ 7:18 pm | Reply

  133. wow. nice.

    Comment by ewik escalante — January 31, 2011 @ 2:15 pm | Reply

  134. เที่ยวจีน ทัวร์ฮ่องกง มาเก๊า เที่ยวเกาหลี

    OMG! beautiful! perfect! love all d photos.. Nice shot babe! ;p only now i got the chances to drop by and have a look at ur blog.. u deserved it dear, for ur talent and hard-work

    Comment by promoteonline98 — February 3, 2011 @ 12:55 pm | Reply

  135. ทัวร์จีน ทัวร์สิงคโปร์ ทัวร์ฮ่องกง ดิสนีย์แลนด์

    OMG! beautiful! perfect! love all d photos.. Nice shot babe! ;p only now i got the chances to drop by and have a look at ur blog.. u deserved it dear, for ur talent and hard-work

    Comment by promoteonline98 — February 3, 2011 @ 1:55 pm | Reply

    • thank you for dropping by! 🙂

      Comment by lv — February 16, 2011 @ 5:37 pm | Reply

  136. Hi,

    Great photo … i just love the city ..you brought it back..

    Thanks for sharing..

    Comment by Pallet Racking Melbourne — July 11, 2011 @ 3:12 pm | Reply

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