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January 11, 2011

Celebration of Love

in 2010.

through my lense.

u know. i love the word l.o.v.e. because in between of it are my initials. i know this is lame but that’s the truth. and among many things i like to scribble the heart shape stands number one on the list. and then a flower. and then a house with a coconut tree by the side. and where was i? oh yeah. i love love! it is timeless. and as much as love the word, the essence of it, i took pride to witness how it is celebrated. by couples that are madly in love that they sealed it with together-ness. forever.

so today i’m going to share with you the joy of witnessing love through my lense. some were taken just because i have labo. some were official. but however it was i was glad glad glad to be part of their celebration of love in their lives.

fei & alvin in Jan 2010.


tradition is vital. it's a legacy.


fei is the one and only child of her parents. can u feel what's written on her face now?!


that intimate moment right after the morning ceremony. sweet like candy.


custom made by her own cousin. surely with love..... i'm jeaolous :p

josephine & alan in Feb 2010


her 'something blue' was the dress itself.


we were waiting for cue to go down this time until the phone rang and we rushed down. this shot will always remind me the situation that night.



irene & jeff in June 2010


i came late for the prep session but i love this ring shot.


i seldom manage to snap a pastor holding the ring so this is rare.


a father daughter shot. if you see clearly you can see irene's glassy eyes *touchy touchy*


to remind me wedding isnt easy. they were still bombared with table arrangement up till they were about to march in for reception *sweat*

fiona & alex in October 2010 (i was the wedding coordinator that time i took photos whenever i had the chance)


it was a teary vow. yeah. meet my watertank cousin.


saying 'Thank You' to parents can be very emotional really. even my 8 y.o cousin almost teared when she watched this.

vivian & vincent in November 2010.


priceless expression. he must eat all the raw chillies before granted entry by the mastermind. the lady at the background.


another emotional departure. vivian is the only daughter so.


in love all over again. i know i'm cheesy cos i like to eat cheese.

Ema & Moris in December 2010 ( i played the role of a bride’s maid this time so there’s only i can manage)


a symbolic act by the couple. the gold fishes were reunited after being separated during their engagement. just like they were bonded for life now.

nelly & beng in december 2010


beautiful artwork i must say.


i like that all the joy of the situation are here. beng trying to read mandarin. his three lady friends giving him the support. and the compact camera that's recording his nervousness.

my fav of their set! ahh... how i love cheese :p

so those are some of my favs from weddings that i’ve attended, OP-ed, coordinated and bride’s-maid-ed last year.

i have nothing but a world of best wishes raise up to the moon and back to all of them. i love every one of you beautiful couples and you guys have made my 2010 a wonderful year for me to remember and reminds me of doing thing you are passionate about is just so worthwhile. maybe next time i’ll shoot your young ones. *hint hint* i love babies….. :p God bless!!

be blessed, peeps!


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