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January 10, 2011

Monday Musings

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i hope i didnt scare you with my vain photo in my previous post. really. i’ve no idea why i chose that picture to be the first photo on my blog of the year. but whatever it is that’s how i look like now. chubby face that doesnt match my skinny (ahem) tiny body, so ‘hi’. hey you!! i caught you rolling your eyes!!

so yeah, i was away to taiwan after the christmas and celebrated the new year together with 500 thousands of people at taipei 101. together with me was a preggar. yes. the bestie was (is) actually in her 5 months when we were there. lucky little thing get to travel even when it is still in the womb. the weather was brutally chilly down to 9 deg it numbs my fingers and froze my face. foods are good. the ladies dressed beautifully. people are polite and dogs are adorable. will blog about the trip some other time. pray so that i wont be lazy. the feeling of returning to work is surprisingly good. i wonder what’s wrong with me that i actually miss my office and my work!! oh no!! this is a scary realisation and revelation all the same. all these while i’ve saying ‘i hate going to work’ towards the end of my long holidays but subconsciously i actually longed to be in the office and just. work. @_@” apa dah jadi ni?!

i learned that silence actually has a sound. when you shut yourself long enough for people around you to realise that is when people get the signal. a signal of rage, rejection, ignorance or simply sulking. i play the silent treatment pretty well. isnt it every woman’s weapon?! and if there’s a trophy for who win? my trophies could grace the hallway of the national museum in one of those long and high glass cabinets. it’s so hard to publish your feeling for the public to see because they wont understand even though they said they do. but who can dive deep into ones soul? except for the Omnipresence.

i finished reading my sister’s keeper by jodi picoult and it has become the most dog-eared book i’ve ever read. a total of 25 pages for me to revisit and you’ll see me requote her literature from time to time everywhere in this world wide web. i cant believe i hesitated and contemplated so long before i finally bought the book. tei tei…

and instead of working out, I was pigging out the last 3 weeks. this is unacceptable! so here i am today with my bright pink running shoes ready to hit the park. i wonder how many round can i do today… hmmm…

and who the heck is anna raffali??!!

be blessed, peeps!


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