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December 21, 2010

and i thought my task was overrrrrr……

really. i almost ran out of gas due to my huge sigh of relief yesterday after my presentation to the major client. it went well with my bestest lady boss in the whole wide world by my side backing up for everything i stuttered upon :p (and u thought i was good, huh! no i’m a baby… *shy*) so crap aside. with the presentation over i assumed that was my final major task of the year. yes. you heard me. OF. THE. YEAR!! so i can think and dream about the coming holidays with peace of mind with vodka ice honey lemon in my hand. but today one phone call broke my imaginary peace of mind. back to reality. *shattered glass sound* i returned to my work frenzy mode. owh… the desperation and rush. i rather not rephrase them here lest u’ll get emo together with me. *exaggerating much*


so, if you follow my tweet on the right side bar you’ll know by now that i’m done (as if) with my shopping rush while in kk over the weekend. the damages:
1 jeans, 1 shorts, 2 dresses, 1 knitted cardigan, 1 belt and 5 useless tops for myself.
1 jeans, 2 shirts, 2 t-shirts and 1 dress for ppl i heart.
my justification on my purchase for myself: i really really really need a black jeans for crying out loud (very acceptable). a striped shorts look good with the cropped T and it’s cheap (cheap? ok acceptable). 2 more dresses on top of 3 unused dresses in the wardrobe (eh, it’s christmas. gimme a break!). knitted cardigan for coming trip it will going to be winter and it’s half the original price (ok lah, acceptable lah *close one eye*) 1 belt (a girl needs 10 belts a least. lalala~) and 5 more tops?!! (for what?! compulsive shopper. checked. T_______T)
my justification on my purchase for others: because i heart them. and i know they love me too. that’s all.

i dare not see the bills next month T_____T

but i want something else for christmas. ok ok…. so this is these are my wish list for christmas la *shameless*

1. an ipod touch or nano.
2. a yellow dress. as in banana yellow. i have a thing with yellow dress recently.
3. nikon SB900 speed light. ok have to scratch this one cos i think i ask too much. but for birthday?! *puppy eyes*


am currently reading jodi picoult’s my sister’s keeper in a slow and easy pace. so far it is a breeze. the weather is crazy in labuan but not as bad as kk which rained cats and dogs upon my arrival last weekend that it was so hard to see the road. seriously. i am trying to fit in every single events that happened and going to happen this month. hmmm…. ok i’ve attended two weddings which one of them i was honored to be invited as their OP at the same time attend a wedding with The Boyfriend for the very 1st time. and he left me right after event. yes. he left me just like that!! (as i was busy taking formal family photos after event suddenly he disappeared without noticing me) kurang asam betul! but we reunited after my task over supper and he sent me home properly ok. (sheeesh…. why am i even bother to explain this?!) and talking bout task (again) that reminds me there are tonnes of photos to be processed. die! then, there’s nothing. or maybe i can insert in sharon’s visit. or maybe i can squeeze in i craved for chocolate last night but end up munching french fries with three different drinks honey lemon, ginger tea and san miguel light which taste like bile. eeww!! or maybe i want to add that The Grandparents are coming tomorrow. or maybe i still want to tell you i am still booking for hotels for my next trip. (it is so near i can almost see 101. on tiptoed.) or maybe i just want to tell you a funny thing that the other day me and my housemate had a half-cooked rice. haha! with 4 dishes. or i wanna brag that i wanna be hero that i ran 4 rounds of botanical park the other day than reduced to 3 rounds the day after and it rained on me and almost had a flu. kns! or maybe one more crappy act – the other day i brutally murdered a cockcroach by flushing it down the toilet bowl. what a shitty death poor thing! or maybe i just wanna share my excitment that people actually read my blog! and seek advice and info no matter how crappy it is. oh dear readers i love ALL OF YOU *insert grammy awards speeches* or maybe i just wanna announce that a girl friend of mine is moving to miri soon due to new job. waaa!!! excited! excited!! now that i have one more friend to hang out with when i go home. and finally just so you know i cannot wait to go home for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*excited max*

be blessed, peeps!!



  1. half cooked rice?
    both u of x pandai masak nasi?

    shopping is fun if u keep swiping THE CARD!

    Comment by haro — December 23, 2010 @ 8:52 am | Reply

    • the rice cooker made some fuss bah!!

      Comment by lv — January 11, 2011 @ 11:19 am | Reply

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