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December 6, 2010

in dip sheet!

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i have 35 minutes before time off. i intended to blog about melbourne but oh well people tend to swing to another direction sometimes and i am doing just that exactly. now. so what am i suppose to blog about? honestly i don’t know. all i know i am in such a dip sheet!!!! dip sheet!!!! my cognitive is slower than my heartbeats. thus it’s so easy to make a wrong decision. which is bad and dangerous. that’s why again, i am in such a dip sheet!!! last night over a heated conversation i realised. wait. we both realised. we tend to get moody over a certain occasion. it’s a happy occasion but i just dont know why it contributes to the emoness, again I am in dip sheet!!! because the true essence wasnt out to the surface yet. and in such good crowded occasion filled with cheerful laughters and wishes and love i felt very lonely…… as i tried to catch just a glimpse of that familiar heartbeats and image i felt so out of reach. i am falling into such a dip sheet tat I wonder my integrity. i’m not impressed with the artworks. they made me turn green and left out. oh gosh!! i am indeed in such a dip sheet!!! and who allow this to happen? me! *sigh* i am sorry again u have to read another cryptic emo post from me. i can’t help it. dip sheet is all over my head. and i know if i dont vent it out i’ll go crazy or turn into a sheet myself which u wont recognise. here i am today missing running…… and in time like this i felt the heart of Henry deTamble. Have you heard about him? You should.

be blessed, peeps!

Happy Monday!!


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