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November 23, 2010

I’m Hooked

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with these songs recently….

#1 The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

#2 Secrets – One Republic

#3 Waiting For The End – Linkin Park

#4 Realize – Colbie Caillat

i’m attracted to ppl who is smart yet humble in appearance. ppl with quircky personality always get my attention. ppl who speak articulately *die* always melt me. and ppl who went study abroad but never forget their roots here in this good old malaysia always gain my respect. and those who still speak fluent bahasa melayu even though their tongues have tainted with accents which i secretly lust after especially that british accent (it is truely the siznich) always always impressed me. i love listening to ppl who speaks other than their mother tongue. eg: chinese who sings malay songs. like this guy here…. i adore….

talented ppl made my day…. especially love ppl who do cover version of the opposite sex of the original singer…. like this girl…. i heart…. i’m hooked with all those cover version on youtube….

and i recently found someone that i am happy with. i felt tingle in all my sensories everytime i heard the phone alert, which startled me. so, he makes me smile silly at my palm bb. he is kind. he is hmmm… kinda interesting. not my cup of tea but still refreshing. i like the way he says my name. in sms. in all the messages. in conversation. but that’s it.

don’t change.

so yeah. i’m hooked!!

be blessed. peeps!!


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