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October 22, 2010

I Can Haz Supre

this is a real pathetic attempt to not making this blog looks unloved. i am truly really very busy at the moment that all i can do is to browse through FB and read ppl’s blog and work and cookies in between and my checklist is miles long and finally today the lenght of it finally has reduced to half. not really! T____T i have longed to update but alas this is all i can manage for the time being. i am still processing my photos in between all this manic work and the prep for the cousin’s wedding which is due in omg 9 days!!! NINE freaking days!!!! ceh as if lah i am the one who’s getting hitched :p but still….. u wont understand…

so ppl asked me what have i shopped from my recent trip to melbourne. haha!! they thought i might shop like crazy but they were wrong!!! i have mastered the art of travelling that shopping isnt the main agenda because u can do all the shopping anywhere!!! pls lah. why go all the way to australia to buy as we have so many shopping malls here in malaysia that you spoilt with choices. unless the thing is dirt cheap compare to or you wont find it in your own country then only it is worth buying. so, apart from the normal souveniers like the koala bears or kangaroos and t-shirts and some shirt for the BF, i bought these for myself. something you wont find in malaysia. yet.



it’s a season transition (winter to spring) sale. to usher in the spring season supre has this Big Spring Sale for three days only. and lace is back yo!! and get my hands on this one. must pair with a tube.


it’s gonna be spring time so floral it is.


the lacey details. luv it!


and this made it even worth buying.


a real MADE IN AUSTRALIA!! you know sometimes when we go overseas and we thought buying from that country might make us feel we are buying the originals (from where it was originated) just to find out from the tag that they are made from vietnam, indonesia, china, turkey or funny still malaysia!! LOL!!!

so my motive was just to have one supre top so i got myself one of this considerably cheap one. pls ignore that urge to do the conversion thanyouverymuch.


i have been searching for a ripped jeans for the longest time and finally!! yay!! and yes i wear the smallest size triple xs. at 1st i was sceptical (i took xxs at first) but then the sales girl advised me to take the xxxs cos so that i wont have to cut the lenght T____T and guess what, even with xxxs it still quite long to my short legs T___T but all is fine cos i can fit the smallest size, can u?! hmmnnpphh!!


the ripped details. *heart*


ok lah. i know what you think now. yes. i went all the way down under just to buy a ripped jeans or in BM seluar jeans koyak i am so cool like that.

and this is how it looks like on a real human.


there's a zipper at the side.

one more. this one taken from their website here.


all in all i got 2 items from supre *satisfied* and i left something other than AUD to them. my scarf!! T___T i only realised i left it in the fitting room when i returned to my hotel but i was too lazy to return to the store again although it was only a stone throw away. let it be. bye bye cozy RM10 scarf. kns!

last but not least my fav t-shirt that i bought but too bad it’s not for my myself. it’s kinda tacky if i wear this on myself isnt it?! read the cute wording.


i think The Mother and The Sister got them. so lucky!

be blessed, ppl!!



  1. Ebaa…I’ve been wanting to get things from supreeee… i love your ripped jeans. Its in my to get list but not sure if i can pull off that rockers look. im too ladylike bah.

    Comment by Makeupgeeek — November 3, 2010 @ 12:52 pm | Reply

  2. hehe…. seluar jeans koyak!! 😀 ya lor… i saw ur pics all so lady like and sweet and bersopan santun. that’s good what…. unlike me…. work also work with male dominated environment so must act tough and rockish la if not kena bully :p but i think u can pull it off as long as u match it with suitable top and accessories. try la…

    Comment by lv — November 4, 2010 @ 2:57 pm | Reply

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