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October 4, 2010

Monday Musings

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i am still without my notebook T_____T life is so boring without it. u know it’s where i craft my creativity *cough* in processing my photos. so no notebook, no melbourne photos T___T


this song really touched me whenever we sing this at the church. it’s in BM though and i insist to type down the lyrics because i finally can memorize the whole song. Melangkah Pasti.

Bila tanpaMu
Ku tak mau melangkah
Kau Tuhan yang membuat jalanku rata

Hanya denganMu
Ku berani bertindak
Kaulah yang meruntuhkan tembok penghalang

Kau Tuhan yang menyertai
Ku melangkah pasti
menuju berkat yang telah Kau janjikan

BersamaMu ku alami
kebajikan kemurahan (T___T always cannot tahan this part but must control so tat wont smudge mascara)
selalu mengikutiku
di setiap jalan….

He provides. Always.

and the people of this church really can compose good songs.


i am having an extremely extremely chappy lips problem and it has been two months now oh no!!! T____T my lip balm is my my friend atm. *sulk in corner*


i have decided to drive home for the cousin’s wedding and i have found a roadtrip partner from Lbu-Lawas. Yay!! i wont be driving alone 🙂 but i still need a roadtrip partner when i return. i dunno why this is in today’s musings but whatever.


and should i organize a Hen’s Night for the cousin?! :p

Happy Monday!!


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