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September 24, 2010

This Is Why I Still Need A Point-and-Shoot

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exactly two years ago i fell in love with this guy. a hunky, black and tough guy. i just couldnt resist him that i made him mine. and called him Labo. he’s my best partner in taking beautiful photos. and i shall thank him for my extra mulah when we started a joint-venture in taking wedding photos. without him, you all wont see such beautiful *cough* pictures here. so other than admiring my own *cough* perspective *cough* you must also never forget to thank him for his sharp eyes, fast capture and other contributions.

BUT. and there’s always a BUT. the problem is Labo only works best with me. ONLY ME!! (oh so i thought) i seriously think Labo is just being nasty to other people other than me who touch him. he will not cooperate with people that he isnt familiar with. and when i had no choice and insisted, he pulled a big tantrum and I, (ME, SAYA, AKU, AKUI, UIH, WO) am the one who will get the tragic / disastrous consequences. he will try his best to ruin my supposedly beautiful photos T_____T although i have set him to Auto Mode T_____T

these photos below are the evidence of his childish act!! a really bad BLUR case!!!

#1 Great Ocean Road – The Twelve Apostles

let's PRETEND u dont see me... T___T


#2 Great Ocean Road – The Twelve Apostles

let's PRETEND u prefer looking at the rocks

#3 Great Ocean Road – London Bridge

prove that i am not an attention seeker.... but actually i really2 love this picture if only i was in focus there T____T

#4 Melbourne – Swanson Street

let's PRETEND u read the wording on the bus....

#5 Melbourne Skylines

let's PRETEND u are admiring the background skylines

#6 Phillips Island – Koala Reservation Centre

let's PRETEND u are focusing at the thing that i point - a sleeping koala

#7 Menzie’s Creek – Puffing Billy Railway

let's PRETEND u are reading menzie's creek

so that is why, much to The Boyfriend chagrin, i still carry along my loyal point-and-shoot anywhere i go almost 24/7. just in case….

*sigh* ada camera cangging pun susah…

i know i know…. why no Melbourne update, right?! bear with me as i am laptop-less at the moment T___T my adapter has condemned last week and still waiting for the replacement now. and the office pc i am using now doesnt have any software to process all my photos. and the real truth is i am procrastinating what else is new!! :p

till then, be blessed people!!

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  1. You remind me of someone.

    Comment by Leo — September 28, 2010 @ 8:01 pm | Reply

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