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August 26, 2010

i thought STAGE is a platform where superstar rocks my world?!

last month on a very fine day when me and my cousin fiona were actually looking for thermal clothing for me my eyes suddenly attracted to the RM18 sale in front of the stage cosmetic outlet in Bintang Plaza, Miri. haha!! so being a kiam and one who always go for sale / discounted item we went in and u bet we didnt come out empty-handed. teehee…. there you go a shopper that never stick to her actual shopping list. and since i use my UOB card to purchase and hit the amount of the promo, i was also granted a free makeup makeover which valid for a month which i’ve utilised during The BF’s bday on 8th this month *blush* ceh! not that we are going for some romantic candle light dinner or what lah but why not?! iskh!! why am i even bother to tell this?! digress! digress! digress!! ohya, they gave us both a brush stand too which is actually very useful.

i actually returned to the outlet another two times after the first and bought some more items!! crazy i tell u i dunno why i was so into purchasing makeups mood these 2 months and it’s not only stage cosmetics. sheeeshh!!!

ok now let’s see my hauls. pls note that all blushers and eye shadows were without casing during the sale but wth i never bother of having casing anyway.

overall these are the items from my three visits to the outlet.

standing items from left: eye makeup remover, lipgloss, liquid concealer, three lipsticks, cream concealer. layed down items from left: eye primer, two blushers and one eyeshadow.

i bought three lipsticks. just because. and what’s wrong to have more choices of lips colour, right?! (oh i sounded more and more like those makeups bloggers now)

below photo from left: pastel rosy, berry boudoir, candid coral.

how they look like when swiped them on my skin.

i love pastel rosy the most that i use it almost on daily basis. kns! and it looks perfect when topped with this lip gloss…. 😀


just look at the applicator's brush and ignore the messy-ness pls.

i love the applicator because the brush is made of soft ‘plastic’ (correct me if i’m wrong) bristles instead of the normal spongy ones like some other lip glosses and thus easy to clean. and the shine is just nice suffice to apply only little swipe. the shine does not stay long though and it will definitely stick to my mug :p

i bought two types of concealers. not that i always apply concealer but well since it is cheap so why not?! and this is the liquid type. stage picture perfect liquid camouflage! tsk!! why the name so long wan?! T___T

this shade matched my skin tone, in Diva Doll!! wow!! after apply can turn into a diva or a doll! i like!! :p

when the beautician/ salesgirl applied this on my face to conceal my breakouts for testing purpose. with just one gentle swipe the redness immediately gone. me and my cousin looked at it with amazement and said ‘wah!! magic!!’ almost at the same time. we immediately fell in love with it. it feels very light and gives a very delicate coverage.

this is the cream concealer. photo pro creme camouflage. i bought this for other reason :p to act as base on my lips before i apply my lipsticks to make them last longer. u know my face is what like my gf used to say ‘eats makeup’ type. my makeups hardly last long cos my face ‘eats’ them up!! kns!! T____T

my shade is in buff. the nearest shade to the liquid one above.

now this is my main reason or is in my makeups must-buy-list. blushers!!! i am in dire need of blushers!!! my lancolm is in its dangerous state to be reduced into nothing and i really cannot stand seeing it turn empty T__T. and among many2 of makeups i actually cannot go without blushers. really. who doesnt like rosy cheeks?! no u dont have to lift up ur hands. tq.

mimosa and ixora

i got myself two shades. mimosa is just like the usual shades i used to have and almost the same as my lancolm. while ixora is a little darker. at first i was skeptical to get this but when applied on my cheek it actually looks very natural just the way i want it. and owh their blushers are actually very pigmented too. so u just need to swipe a bit to have that pinky cheeks 🙂 definitely a good buy, these two!!

i have been looking for a black eyeshadow since like forever but never get my hand (and money) to one. aihhh….. even my cousin said that it’s time to buy it. ok lah….. buy lah…

i hope i wont turn into a zombie when i apply this eyeshadow. what a name!!

i havent use this yet so hmmm…. cant give any review on it. but i did had their eyeshadow on me during the free makeups makeover. but then again i choosed a very light colour for my makeover. all i can say that their eyeshadows are a bit powdery and didnt stay long (on me) my face eats makeups remember?! but at least they are easy to remove 😀 and of course dont forget to alway apply eye primer before applying the eyeshadows so that the colours really pop!!

last but not least. one very important item. the makeup remover!!!!! one of the thing i learned when i started to use makeups is to ALWAYS remove before u go to bed. but in my case, right after i reach home from work or any events :p

there are two types of the makeup remover. i choosed this one. after party waterproof eye makeup remover. waseh the name!! after party!! not that i am a party kind of person (yeah, go ahead and say i am boring T__T) it’s because all my mascaras are waterproof.

notice the shiny bits inside the liquid? i also dunno what are those thing....

the makeup remover is a bit too oily for me though but at least it’s not smelly so it’s ok.

that’s all for now girlfriends!!

time for jogging.

be blessed always!!

♥ cilipadi


  1. hey, i love their ‘after party calming makeup remover’ too!!
    just splurge on stage during my last trip to kuching 😛
    ah women
    and shopping IS theraputic..hiak hiak hiak

    Comment by mymy — August 26, 2010 @ 8:37 pm | Reply

    • yeah… it’s one of our traits :p

      Comment by lv — August 27, 2010 @ 10:32 am | Reply

  2. Sehhh…you’re getting better into makeups blogging…heeee… its a COMPLIMENT! Im not a party girl as well and who say we are boring?? who?? come here i slam down that person. There are other better things to do apart than party life mah right..like the best example, travel and photography and makeups… heeee 😀

    when do you have time to actually edit the pictures and put into frames like that. T___T i so lazy baaaa….

    Comment by Makeupgeeek — September 6, 2010 @ 11:10 am | Reply

    • haha!! ya lah… ur makeups posts berjangkit to me already… i start to feel like i am straying away from my initial objective of this blog but heck makeups are part of my life too so…. share2 lor… while i procrastinate with my other photos editing before posting them (main reason bertukar angin :p just so that my blog wont be too silent)

      cropping and framing actually automatically resize the photos into websize so i dont have to resize them. i lagi malas! hehehee….

      Comment by lv — September 6, 2010 @ 2:07 pm | Reply

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