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August 25, 2010


if u remember in this post, i’ve mentioned that i didnt dare to apply my new arrival foundations due to sudden brekouts. and i really really seldom have breakouts. i must be thankful for this. until last month…. my supply of facial cleanser ran out!! not to mention the toner and moisterizer lah. those has long finished too. and since i was saving for my travelling (in just few days. YAY!) and this facial cleanser cost a bomb (for such little volume T__T) i thought i might just use other product for the time being (until i return from travelling lah konon) which is far cheaper. so as i browse through all the cleansing product i went for this….

100ml for only RM9.90 from Boulevard Shopping Mall.


little did i know what it would do my skin!!! D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i started seeing 1-2 breakouts on my nose. then 4. then 5. then 9 and then 11!!!! ELEVEN FREAKING BREAKOUTS on my face!!! oh yeah. i counted. because it was so amazing and never in life that i had such many brekouts at one time!! T___T thankfully they were not the big types. but to see so many of little bumps on ur face is just unacceptable. even The Boyfriend freaked out when he saw me on Skype T___T he said…. “eee… why so many jerawat now?!” waaaa!!!

after realising what’s the culprit after like a week plus i still use the facial foam. no choice. until towards the third week i finally called my cousin to buy me the products that i desparately needed. Herbaline!! from Kimmy Beauty Salon in Boulevard Shopping Mall. and to pass it to Estella my new housemate who will be coming then. i waited in agony for her to arrive with my skin care products to save my face…. screw my travelling expenses la….. T___T

and few days after that they arrived!!! these are the new supplies. might as well!!

pimple treatment foundation, nano amino facial wash, aloe vera moisterizer and strelizing toner

the whole range that i use are these…

nano amino facial wash, sterilizing toner, aloe vera moisterizer, deep moisterizing cream, sunscreen lightening cream, anti-wrinkle cream, basic treatment cream, freckles cream and the pimple treatment foundation.

i know u looks too many. if you are as dense as The Boyfriend you might wonder how can i apply so many things on one face?! and how can a face absorb so many things applied to it?!!

so i’m gonna show u now.

i wash my face with this.

Nano Amino Facial Wash RM40 for a tiny 50g

spray the sterilizing toner aound my face and let it dry. then i apply the aloe vera moisterizer.

the sterilizing toner comes in spray bottle so as the aloe vera moisterizer

i love love love the aloe vera moisterizer. even better if stored in the fridge. and when u apply it on ur face i can feel the cooling effect just like the real deal. i like applying it on my breakouts. it heals the acne scars on my face too.

i use aloe vera moisterizer and the sunscreen lightening cream during day time. and i substitute them with deep moisterizing cream for night time. that’s how i maintain their volume and that explain i dont use them all at once. guys!

the deep moisterizing cream is a bit oily tough but it is quick to be absorbed into ur skin so you wont feel the stickiness that long. and ur skin will feel really smooth after that.

as for the sunscreen lightening cream i actually dont really use it that much (lazy). i just bought it because that’s the thing they recommended me to buy together with the freckles cream when i complained that i have freckles now T__T i treated it as normal sunblock.

then come the creams. i have two. the basic treatment cream which i’ve been using all along and the new addition, freckles cream.

the contain look almost the same but different texture

i love the basic treatment cream. the texture is smooth. on the other hand the freckels cream is a abit dry. that makes me not a really good fan to it. but for the sake of my visible freckels *shrug*

if i dun use the above creams (unlikely) i’ll substitute with this…

yeah... i should start using anti wrinkles cream already T___T

this one i bought just for the sake of buying. talking about compulsive shopper T___T

lastly i’ll apply this pimple treatment foundation. it is made of pearl powder.

it can be a two-way-cake too.

it might not be the perfect match for my skintone (well, there isnt any other choice) but it gives the translucent feel to my skin. and furthermore treat /prevent my skin from pimples. best of all unlike other foundation that i’ve tried it doesnt clog my pores.

and if u must ask me which are my must-haves among all the above. here they are. the five that i will pack whenever i travel even to offshore :p


the cream is the basic treatment cream

i was first introduced to this product by my ex-col Ms. Lim when i first started working. i had almost similar breakouts problem as above just after few months working and i was worried bad cos i need to attend my convocation soon. i didnt want to look ugly in my robes!! T___T so i followed her to do facial. and i was in awe at the super smooth skin of my facial therapist. wah lao!!!! i didnt want to blink my eyes just looking at her face and i imagine even an ant would slip to the ground if it tries to climb up her face. i want!! i want!!! and after just a month using the products i could already see the difference. my brekouts gone and my complexion smooth. happy!!!!! my convocation face was saved!! :p my aunt, cousin and friends started asking what i was using. and of course i happily recommended it to them too. but course not all skintypes suits the same products la.

this brand never pay me for this post. just my mere opinion as a user of five years. wah!! has it been that long?!!! i feel so old!! T___T you are free to try and you are free to critics. as i said no different ppl different skintype and has different toleration towards different products. afterall it’s a free country!! (out of topic)

k lah, typed so long it has passed my supposed jogging time.

should i go or not now?! iskh!!!! T___T go lah. so fat now!!

be blessed, ppl!!

β™₯ cilipadi



  1. hello there, i need some help. hmm sounds serious am I.. I got bad pimpled skin and was cured using herbaline then they change their packaging and/content think 2 years or so ago and I couldn’t find the basic treatment foundation (round shape container) and i switched my facial products upon persuasion by my cousin and now i have gone back to my pimpled skin. I just wanna check with you if you still can buy the basic treatment foundation in your 6th picture? I haven’t check with their branch recently. hope u let me know from which branch did u get them. hmm..ok thanks a lot.

    Comment by Peu Soo Yong — December 18, 2010 @ 11:16 pm | Reply

  2. hey there lovely,

    thanks for dropping by. 1st of all may i know where’s ur location? i got mine from my hometown in Miri Branch (Sarawak). at Kimmy Beauty Salon in Boulevard Shooping Complex to be exact. last i checked they still have that round container packaging for Basic Treatment Foundation (maybe old stock). they are actually selling the new pacakaging (tube form) now. i’ve asked my gf in kl, she said they no longer produce it in round container anymore. so i guess we have to settle with the tube form now. but i’ll check with the salon soon. if u are still interested i can purchase for u from this branch. dont be shy πŸ™‚


    Comment by lv — December 20, 2010 @ 9:05 am | Reply

  3. wow so nice of you. i m currently studying in singapore but my hometown at perak. yah i have so many times checked the newly opened branch at my hometown but they neva knew the round container cream ever exist neither the kl branch like u said have them. hmm.. yup i m really interested to get the round container cream. they were my healer. ok yup update me !

    thank you lots ( :

    Comment by Peu Soo Yong — December 20, 2010 @ 12:02 pm | Reply

    • hi soo yong,

      i just checked with my beautician. too bad they also dont sell the round container anymore πŸ˜₯ so sorry i cant give you any good news. i guess we have to settle with the tube now.

      you have a good day and merry christmas!!


      Comment by lv — December 22, 2010 @ 3:12 pm | Reply

      • hey lv thank you so much for checking out for me. never mind then. wishing you a merry christmas too πŸ™‚

        Comment by Peu Soo Yong — December 23, 2010 @ 1:36 am

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