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August 24, 2010

Cilipadi Famous MayoMee

cooking has been one of my fav hobby. just so that i have an excuse to eat. even though the recipe failed or tasteless or burned i’ll still eat it all because i cooked it!! i’ll learn recipes from The Mother, aunts, grandma, friends, tv, newspapers or even the Ekonomi Rumah Tangga (ERT) text book and then try to improvise them to suit my own liking. because like photography, cooking too needs creativity.

as much as i like cooking something simple and easy, i am not a fan of instant noodles or instant soup. for me they are so unhealthy. so today i’m going to show you my feh-mes MayoMee. and guess what? out of instant noodles!! T__T i know this will be a good news to the bachelors, no? let’s get creative instead of the old 1-2-3 steps of cooking instant mee.

when i first told my cousins and friends that i’m gonna serve us mayonnaise mee they went…. “eeew…. mayonnaise with mee? can eat meh?” with a disgusted look on their faces T___T but i convinced them to at least try first and guess what?! they loved it!!! my aunt said that their mayonnaise wont last long as before after my young cousin tried it. LOL~~

so ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you The Cilipadi Famous MayoMee!!

serving: 1
duration: 20 minutes (including eating)

1. one packet of Mee Mamee (any instant mee will do but i prefer chicken flav.)

i prefer Mamee cos the texture is more elastic

2. mix vege
3. luncheon meat cube / minced beef/ miced chicken / tuna
4. 1 half-boiled egg
5. green vege *optional* (you’ll know why later)

6. a big spoonful of mayonnaise!

what's a MayoMee without the main ingredient?! mayonnaise!!

now let’s get to the preparation.

1. cook the instant mee the usual way and add in the mix vege and let it cook for 3 minutes.

2. once done, tossed it and keep aside.

3. next fry the cubed luncheon meat / minced beef / minched chicken / tuna in a frying pan.

fry with 1 tbl spoon of oil or butter. up to u.

*optional* once done u can take the meat out and keep aside to sprinkle on top of the mee later. or if u are lazy like me, u can do as the following.

4. add in the tossed mee in the frying pan and fry together.

by this time u can also add in some mayo already.... and fry together. it smells devine!!

5. take the mee out on a serving plate and add in the spoonful of mayo and mix well.

add in mayo as much as u like :p it's up to individual really.

6. add in HALF of the seasonings from the packet of ur instant noodles.

add in half of the seasonings

7. mix everything well until you see every strand of mee is coated with white creamy mayo and fragrant after the seasonings.


8. now poke a hole at the centre of the mee. this is the 2nd signature style of this recipe after the mayo :p

owh... u must do this. this is the signature style of this dish :p

9. then pop your half-boiled egg at the center.

i can never get a perfect half-boiled egg T__T tried many times..... teach me!!

10. springkle the fried luncheon meat cube (from step 3 if u dont fry it together with the mee) on top of your mee (for mee on top of my egg to cover the imperfection) add tomatoe slices as deco and garnishing *optional* and ready to be served!! YAY!!

for those who are hungry max can stop and enjoy your meal now!!


if you are like me who cannot swallow dry fried mee without the help of soup to drench down everything smoothly into the stomach (ei, even when you go to kopitiam you will be served with at least a ‘sup kosong’, right) and if you are wondering what happend to the green vege and HALF of the seasonings, you can proceed with the following….

quick instant soup :p

1. cook another fresh hot boiling water in a pot, add in the green vege and some of the meat. cook for 2-3 minutes and take out into a serving bowl.

it can be any green vege. this is sweet potato leaves 🙂

2. add in the other HALF of the seasonings 🙂

the keyword here is instant and improvise :p

and knowing me the dish wont be complete with my homemade chillie 🙂

my own homemade chillie.... spicy max!!

Bon Appetit!!

jemputlah makan 🙂

Extra: below is another version of my MayoMee. the meat was actually BBQ pork leftover from CNY and the soup is sawi and sausage slices.

to tell you the truth i have been wanting to post this recipe a long time ago but i always fail to get a perfect half-boiled egg for a nicer look in a photo. alas!! until today it will still not perfect. i guess i just dont have the talent to cook half-boiled egg lah!! T______T

happy trying and i hope you enjoy it!!

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi



  1. what about mayomee sup?

    hv u try it before?

    look like i need two packets….

    Comment by haro — August 25, 2010 @ 11:09 am | Reply

  2. u try 1st lah k then u let me how’s the taste….

    Comment by lv — August 25, 2010 @ 12:20 pm | Reply

  3. Liv!!I keep on menelan my air liur at the time i read this recipe!akai..i want to try it out la,,

    Comment by sanny — October 5, 2010 @ 9:34 pm | Reply

    • haha!! u must try 🙂

      Comment by lv — October 15, 2010 @ 10:40 am | Reply

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