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August 16, 2010

Monday Musings

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i miss my blog……..!!!!!


went back home 6-10 August. (hence the silence of my blog.) quite a long one. at first it was just a personal trip back because it was The Boyfriend’s birthday on that Sunday. and then The Boss needed a trainer for a training for Shell. so Thank God that it was then a leaisure + business trip at the later’s expenses. hehehe….!!! so five days of blissfull homey food and great companies. screw my two weeks straight of jogging la!! all went down the drain after 4 dinners back home….. T___T i wanna blame those kind hearted ppl who sponsored all my three consecutive yummy dinners but then i chose to be gratefull for being so blessed to have these beautiful ppl around me. who love me just the way i am, and who love to feed me fat!! T___T


Salt. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. have you ever watch 2 movies in a row in one night?! me and my cousin Fiona just made our personal history on that when i was back home. the ticketing girl threw a weird look at the both of us when we purchased our 2nd movie. she must thought that we have no life T____T aihh watever. and we almost continue our marathon for the 3rd movie but save by the time that screamed — IT IS 1130HR NOW FOR GOODNESS SAKE YOU TWO LADIES SHOULD BE HOME ALREADY NOW!! TOMORROW NO NEED TO WORK KAH??! dah la satu stay senadin, satu stay riam…. we each drove ourselves alone tgh2 malam.


owh!! the Air Asia RM1 sale!!! i love it and i hate it >_< i’ve purchased 5 holiday trips already @_@ The Boyfriend said: you dont have to work wan izzit?! T___T


the time is drawing nearer. i cannot wait for end of this month!!! 😀


i know a post is so dull without a photo so here goes nothing!! T___T

(i wanted to post some recent photos but all of them are still with Labo at home >.<)

time for jogging.

be blessed, ppl!!

and i leave you with my motto (havent use them for quite some time)

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

♥ cilipadi

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