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August 5, 2010

Irene ♥ Jeff : Wedding [12.06.2010] part 2

since i came late that morning and missed their prep session so i made it up by coming early for their reception prep session. ok. i was a tad bit excited cos i reached earlier than the couple at the bridal shop :p and mannn!! what was it with the date?!! there were so many weddings that day. at the bridal studio itself, there were 4 couples lining up for make ups. jeff and irene were the 2nd couple.

let’s see some photos.

make up tools every girls love 🙂

random shot. so many falsies.... :p

all set and ready...

once we left the bridal studio we still have ample time before the event begin. so we camped in their suite while i took the opportunity to shoot some more photos of the two of them. but at that time they were still bugged by table arrangement for last minute confirmed attendance. poor couple! *sigh*

still working on table arrangement..... screw those last minute confirmed guests lah!!

i asked them to relax. it’s their big day. they were not suppose to be so tense about the arrangement especially NOW!!! and they obliged. and they had fun 🙂 or did they?! or was it only me?! anyhoo here are some of the takes….

still have time for some light moment 🙂

bring it on Irene.

oh she really pulled it off, didnt she?!

all tied up!

jeff, thanks for being such a sport!! irene is one lucky girl 🙂

meanwhile, downstair most of the guests have arrived. my mom was among the late coming guests *rolls eyes* and as guests keep coming in the gifts were piling up too.


Irene's Parents. Mr. & Mdm. Igat. hi uncle! hi aunty!

cake cutting

cake feeding :p


surely the elderly were proud of this moment....

bows of love :p

mother daugther small talk *love*

then it’s time for the 2nd outfit.

this is what girl friends are for.... *love*

mag’s hands were not only helpful but also NAUGHTY!!! she cupped irene’s breasts in her palms!!! HAHA!!!

then they walked in for the 2nd time for toasting time.

not bad, jeff!! look at irene... she was hiding her face. LOL~~

let the blessing never cease to flow...

as the wine gets better each passing year, may your adoration to each other gets deeper each passing days....

linked and cheers!!

some of the guests

school friends....

and then it came to the gift exchange ceremony. it was simple yet interesting. jeff is a bisaya while irene herself is a mixed of lun bawang and iban. the following is from her lun bawang side of gifts. and these gifts are only given / seen during wedding. sets of rong (a type of conned-shape hat) and tayen (a kind of basket where some more gifts are placed inside). both are made of some kind of rattan. this set of gift is for each groom’s family member. long time ago, according to my grandparents the more set of these given from the bride means the higher the status of the family. means even uncles, aunties and cousins will get one set. but now less and less ppl do that laa…

traditional lun bawang gifts... rong and tayen....

gifts from her iban side.

some performances. the children didnt want to miss it out too....


i may be biased here cos this is the only group photo that i put because ther's me in it!!! dont hate :p

and that’s a wrap of the night but… i wanna leave you with these.

and now it is legal to make baby… hehe….

happy making babies you two!!! :p

to le’ and jeff, thanks so much from the bottom of my soul for entrusting me to document your special day. it was an absolute honour!! you two were just gorgeous and a breeze to work with. thanks for being such a trooper towards my craziness and shamelessness from beginning until the production of the album. i wish nothing but everlasting love and overflowing blessings for the two of you. and as you look back to these photos in many2 years to come you will still remember the essence of the moment as what it was on that day. God bless always and again, congratulations you two!!!!

fun facts:-

location| Miri, Swk
together| Nov, 2000
engaged| 6 Feb 2010
married| 12 Jun 2010
solemnisation| SIB Canada Hill
reception| Palace Ballroom, Grand Palace Hotel
irene| admin, Miri
jeff| teacher, Lg Luteng, Baram

be blessed always, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi


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