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August 3, 2010

Irene ♥ Jeff : Wedding [12.06.2010] part 1

let me tell you a little bit about irene that u dont know and maybe she doesn’t even remember herself. *whisper* i knew her since we were little maybe like 9 or 10. yeah. i remember her being her aunt’s flowergirl when we attended her aunt’s wedding in PuruSia. haha!! one thing about me. i remember faces!! so beware!! i bet very rare ppl remember that day. but oh well, that’s a milion years ago…. then when they moved to marudi we became friends and of course family friends. our moms speak the same language. our fathers work at the same workplace. the hospital!! and we attended the same secondary school. so when irene sent me an sms and a message on fb about being her photog for her wedding two months before the big day i was thrilled!! another reason to go back!! and i was curious to see the groom :p cos i never seen this guy before and have totally no hint about who he is. i checked on my calendar and found that i didnt have any business (personal / work) that coincidental to her wedding date. so my trip back was totally for her wedding alone. so i’ve booked my tix earlier to lock my date. and…. disaster happened last minute!! u see… the wedding was on a saturday so it is normal for me to take a friday night flight, right?! guess what?! the flight was cancelled!!! yes! the freaking flight has to be cancelled due to… wait for it… a flat tryes!! kns!! they thought they could fix it so we were ok when they announced the delay and at the end i guess they just couldnd fix it so they just had to cancel the flight. of course there was compensation of a free stay at a resort hotel but no thanks for me. the resort. is a haunted one!! ok enough of me babbling irrelevant matter here. let’s look at photos 🙂

since i was late so these are the only few things i managed to take during their prep time. errr… not axactly prep time la cos they were all set and done when i arrived *shy*

the rings

love the details on the chest :p

helping hands

and from my mom conversation while i was snapping away, i learned that jeff is a bisaya and a teacher.

here come the groom 🙂

chaos before march in

one day when it’s time, a father will have to let her daughter go….. go into the embrance of a man that will love and protect her just the same as the first time he held her in his arms many years ago when she first taste the air of this world….


look at those little feet up there....

looked on....

little cute bow

the youngest of them all..... i wanna bite her!

the first man in her life.... and today he's giving her away.... to another man who'll love her unconditionally as he has been.... *sob*

i think i heard their heartbeats this time. LOUD!


and after nine long years of relationship, it finally came down to this moment….. *tears of joy*


and sealed with a kiss

legally man and wife now

he wants to see too 🙂

the entourage :p

words and songs

kelupis. lun bawang traditional food/ desserts

by the arch

joy in their faces 🙂

'we are married!!!'

when it was the parents’ turn to wish the couple, the emotion started to get thick. it was emotional. through their embrances you can see the pure acceptance of irene’s parents toward jeff. it spelled UNCONDITIONAL. just like their own son. ya. jeff was the one who teared first. i could feel a lump inside my throath this time. oh wait, even now when i think back of that moment i feel like crying too…. *wipe tears*

emotion was getting thick here....

irene and her mummy 🙂 i knew irene was trying her best not to break down here. it was hard i tell you i could have cried myself T__T

and finally the watertank just couldnt hold it anymore. tears came streaming down.... *emo*

and u might wonder how come there’s no picture of jeff and the father-in-law. here’s why. actually it was the first of the above series but it was too emo that time that my eyes blurred and things went too fast and everything was a blurry mess T___T they are his parents now….. if u know what i mean…. *hint* there’s no photos of jeff parents….. T___T

after nine long years..... they are now husband and wife! 🙂

and that’s for the morning session. stay tune for the reception session next.

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi



  1. thanks ong…..terharu sangat2 eh…speechless kudeng buri lun dih.x salah my pilihan kan..memang hebat ba ko urus gambar2 ui nih.hahhahaha…..

    Comment by irene — August 5, 2010 @ 8:58 pm | Reply

    • hehe… tq tq!

      Comment by lv — August 20, 2010 @ 9:01 am | Reply

  2. wah……..sayang saya tak dpat ikut masa ni…dpat ikut malam jak…huhuhuhu…

    Comment by ai — August 6, 2010 @ 9:53 am | Reply

    • itu la kamu…

      Comment by lv — August 20, 2010 @ 9:01 am | Reply

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