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July 19, 2010

Monday Musings…

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was home during the world cup final cos it has been a month since i last been home (on personal expense) glad that my weekends were fully booked by my favourite ppl. and last week i went back again for work (on company’s expense) eeee…. if i knew i wouldnt have gone back the week earlier…. rugi… rugi…. &^*%$#@!!!! does my sentence even mae sense? nvm.

ok this might be old news but SPAIN IS 2010 WORLD CUP CHAMPION!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!! nanananana…. and yes. i woke up at that ungodly 2.30am to watch the final. hah!! even The Boyfriend needed my call as his alarm. and i am gloating now because prior to the match the night before me and cousin and our friends went for Eclipse (which i had been dying to watch) and to my surprise out of five of us they all decided to support holland. i was the only espana supporter. nah!! last2 siapa yg menang??! kekekeke…. dont hate.. dont hate… :p

they all took on Holland except of me... hnnpphhh!!


owh. i had my 1st-time-in-my-life 3D menicure for RM18 only. hehehe…. promomotion maa… but it all started falling/ tearing off after 5 days.

its a ribbon 🙂


i just noticed from aerial view from the plane today that Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan is quite huge. the area is bigger that some nearby housing area….


the photobooks that i’ve been working on finally arrived!

new addition to photography - come with an album. left: softcover (80pgs) right: hard leather cover (40pgs)

softcover with smooth silk paper

hard leather cover with matte paper


i seriously MUST shed all these extra kilos. now! now! now!!! nowadays everytime i go back home everyone was saying/asking the same thing ‘did u gain weight? u look chubby. so cute!!’ cute ur mushroom head la cute!!! T_____________T or ‘u seem happy in labuan. the food there must be good’ good ur monkey head good la. here the food are expensive max u rather starve…. *emo*


i’m hungry…

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi


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