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July 6, 2010

Interesting Conversations

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some interesting conversation that i’ve engaged in, or read, or on FB wall or on MSN.

real conversation with bf
Cilipadi: my friends who are teachers have the best life and have the most savings in the bank i think.
TheBoyFriend: why do u think so?!
Cilipadi: good salary, lot’s of holidays plus some of them who are in the rurals can earn extra living allowance which they couldnt spend them because there isnt place to shop for a decent shoes in the kampung. so they sure kaya already…. if i’m like them i can invest an asset already. a house.
TheBoyFriend: *sigh* you earn a lot too. u earn more than them. but u trash them all to all the malls ma……
Cilipadi: =.=”
The BoyFriend: it’s ok, u have chosed to put them to ur parents’ house. and u have 2 liabilities now. at least we can see what u have worked for all these year…. all right?!
Cilipadi: *dreaming longingly for a house*
TheBoyfriend: but have u any piggy bank for wedding?
Cilipadi: *cough* *cough* wedding?! hmmm… i want to go travel….
The Boyfriend: @_@

H: yohoOO!! anyone there?!
Cilipadi: what do u want?
H: nothing. miss u.
Cilipadi: bugger!!

real converation with girl friend
Viv: what is this thing *pointing at an alien shape blue thingy on my car dashboard*
Cilipadi: it’s the alarm thingy. my mom just installed a new alarm to my car.
Viv: what’s its function?
Cilipadi: i dunno. just like an alarm should work la.
Viv: how come it is being installed visibly here? how could u be so ignorance to an alien thing tat being installed to ur own car. who knows it’s a detector that can detect where u live and these ppl knows ur house and wherever u go and want to harm u?
Cilipadi: aiii…. why so paranoid? as long as it serves its purpose. and the old one is replaced ok lah. why do u ask so many questions about such a tiny thing?
Viv: it just me :p i have to ask every single details on every new things that is in my car. i cant go without knowing the whole purpose and function of little addition in my car. u know, when there’s something going wrong u have to know what cause it and how to handle it. or if dunno how u have to know who to contact.
Cilipadi: apa kaitan?
Viv: there is!!! i asked u how this thing work u said u didnt know!!! so if suddenly the alarm went off nonstop or x work. what are we gonna do?! at least u have to know what to do with it while waiting for help, right?!
Cilipadi: errrr….. ok u got a point there.
Viv: u know sometimes it’s important to ask a lot of silly questions to save ur life. especially a lady with a car. in case i have problem with my car on the road and my hubby isnt around, i have list of his friends’ contacts that i can ask help for. do u have any?
Cilipadi: what about you?
Viv: =.=”

from The Time Traveller’s Wife novel. between clare and her grandma.
“Do you ever miss him?
Every day. Every minute.
Every minute, she says.
Yes, it’s that way, isn’t it?”
— Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveler’s Wife)

on FB profile photo comment (on my lady gaga bow bun)
Josh: Sempat juga ko berposing dekat Hotel tu yaa…hehe
Cilipadi: hehe…. sambil tunggu diorang 2 tu lama betul…. mentang2 jamban best. (We were at Empire Hotel, Brunei)
Elsey: cute tu reben atas kepala =D..i heart it~!
Wendy: haha,ur face look cute cut tat hair,mcm`gigi gaga`ra..ram..ma..ma..ga..u..lala… (LOL!! cracked me up!)
Dora: lain kali lady gigi….unik la…….
Cilipadi: LOLOLOL!!~~~~~

on MSN with girl friend
Scarlet: wah! so late d still editing?
Cilipadi: yes T__T rush rush… dateline datline…
Scarlet: so hardworking….
Cilipadi: cari makan~~
Scarlet: *chuckle icon*

on the phone with cousin sister
Cilipadi: hello, what’s up?
Fio: it has been a while. so decided to call u la. see how are u getting along over there.
Cilipadi: hehe…. it’s been quite hectic but i miss miri. sad that i couldnt go back last week.
Fio: what about this week?
Cilipadi: not sure about that too.
continued updating each other on recent events eg: bridesmaids, flower girls, and wedding planning, the families, the robberies that happened to miri office (ya twice in a month!) on and on…. even dreams…. she dreamed about the two of us went to the photo gallery to get her finished album but the ppl there didnt want to give it to her and use 101 ways to prevent us to get it that includes letting a DOG out to bit us (how random!) haha!
Fio: good news! i got my videographer. it’s someone someone….
Cilipadi: hmm… if it’s the same person. i think i know him =) my ex-neigbour. we’ll see.
Fio: so how’s ur phototaking going on?
Cilipadi: was rushing for datelines last week. i offer photo album for them.
Fio: how? as in physical photo album?
Cilipadi: the real photo album la. one i even upgrade to leather album. together with the dvd of course.
Fio: wah!! dah advance…. berbisnes betul rupanya…..
Cilipadi: cari makan~~ haha!!

and what’s a post without a photo?! so here’s what’s coming up soon…. (i hope)

a ring shot during a recent wedding (irene and mamat)

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi


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