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June 28, 2010

Monday Musing

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attempt to complete this post in less than 20 minutes (and also in attempt to not letting this blog unattained) so 3….2…1… GO!!

argghh!!! but i’ve already wasted 5minutes of it so what left to say in 15 mins?! huh!! bloated stomach. dammit. i’ve been having this unbearable pain in the stomach due to the trapped wind in my stomach. in offshore. outstation. home. all. that i finally decided to see the doctor. resulting me bringing back a bag full of meds T___T i started to suspect that this might be due to my inconsistent intake of meals nowaday. and the low-carb diet i’m on now. ceh! dunno lah. simply say. but maybe. as the doctor said, probably my body is not yet used to the new diet. but at least i’m doing it right she said. aihhh… really cannot live without rice meh??!! NO!! i must fight this!!! editing tonnes of photos from three weddings now then gonna proceed with the album design. KNS!! i have only 2 days left to finish all these… arrgghh!! but all for the sake of august. i sanggup! well, waht else? oh World Cup! (suddenly crossed my mind) what am i going to talk about the game? nothing!! zero!! lingtan!! nadai!!! cos i have no astro at the moment so kesian!! T____T but even if there is i doubt i’ll watch. or maybe the final. just maybe…. my itchy feet are dying to go see another country. anyone want to be my travel companion?! pls.. pls… december/january. i know i should be worrying about more important calling such as the wedding prep and all but hey nobody is getting married so might as well go travel *denial* KNS!! ok lah. time’s up. in fact i’ve used up more than 20mins. i dunno. there’re many things in my head but my thought just runs 10x faster than my fingers that they couldnt catch up with every single scene in my mind. i gtg. heaps of photos waiting T__T but for the sake of august. i sanggup!!

before that let me leave u with my fav verse from yesterday’s sermon. actually this isnt even the main passage. but i always took note the little little things that ppl digressed about.


and the pr. also added: kpd yg malas bekerja, jgn makan @.@ kepada anak2 lelaki bujang yg malas bekerja, jangan fikir mau kawen. kesian anak perempuan org nanti tidak ada makan minum. LOL LOL LOL~~~~~!!!!

in random note i also leave u with this… :p

my drugs!! haiih~~~

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi


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