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June 22, 2010


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after a whole day i am finally here. safely and hungry. but i just feel butt lazy to go out to find food. i am restless and all i wanna do is just sleep. but i dont know why i am still awake and decided to update. perhaps after looking at my pathetic stats as if by updating it could help to increase the line up horizontally vertically a bit. or maybe not. sad.

my flight from labuan was as early as 0745hr and reached klia after 2 hours or so and i have to transit. for a half day long!! cos my flight to kuantan was at 1805hr. too damn ‘kiam’ to go down to kl cos i wanna save that for thursday. (another long transit to go home T__T)

so what did i do the whole day at klia?

1. ONLINE. but at only 2 hours limited time. and my fancy laptop’s batt couldnt last for an hour to save my life. bugger!!!

2. next best thing. READ.

this love story is just out of this world...... really... time traveller?! how cool!!

3. then i when noon came i decided to take a short NAP. yeah. on the benches. everybody is doing it. so…

see.... this lady was there before me. a bench opposite ( in this position) in real it was few feets next to mine.

after a while another foreign couple nested on the bench. u can see the unflattering behind of the man.

4. i was starving too. i need to EAT. and i chose burger king. i thought there’ll be some plugs in there so that i can charge my laptop and online but to my disappointment there was none at all. but at least they have these PCs free for u to online. just get the password from the counter. i didnt surf ther anyway.

5. i finally found a plug. next to a public phone. i hesitated at first cos ppl were passing by and i have to sit on the marble floor with no bench in sight but wth other ppl were doing it too so…. there i was sitting on the cold marlble floor by the public phone surfing the internet to kill time. kesian….. but i felt like a student again… back in those days…..

6. bored, i finally took labo around…. and here a re some of the sights we had.

the world cup fever in on!!!!!

guess the how man balls?!

7. last but not least to take a leak. there’s this one particular exclusive toilet in klia which looks more classy than the rest. the door, the tiles, the interior are all more high class than the others. how come only that one section?! i just found it out. so from now on i will only go to this section. hehehe….

like in a hotel ya..

remember the exterior looks like this. purple.

ok i think that’s all for this time. i really need my beauty sleep now. i’ve wasted my time blogging rather than revising my notes for my training tomorrow. sigh! but then again it’s always the same.

haha!!! i just found out there are so many typo and weird sentences in here. but wth, just LOL!!!

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi



  1. that purple toilet at KLIA. i will always and only go there whenever i need a toilet break. memilih bukan? but it’s for my own comfort bah kan. hehe.

    and i think its because its located somewhat near to the international flight gates, so its much prettier. bias. 😛

    Comment by pattirmina — June 29, 2010 @ 8:56 pm | Reply

    • haha… i only realised about it that day. punya lah sakai before this i always use the others which are so public toilet. bias it is!

      Comment by leanorval — July 1, 2010 @ 5:16 pm | Reply

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