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March 29, 2010

Monday Musings….

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it sucks. BIG TIME!!! typing with an external keyboard T_______T accidentally spilled some water on my notebook last saturday hence the the grumble. but i can only blame myself over he carelessness T______T so boys and girls, do not drink in front of ur notebook. *sulk*

been cooking recently. just that i lack of a durable non-stick fring pan. argghhh!!! tefal??! i’ll think about it over the weekend ;p when the time’s right i migh showcast some of my self-invented recipe. but just promise not to ‘ceh, i also can do that!’ or ‘LOL! that also can be consider a recipe?!’ or else…. but well,

a secret recipe is a recipe when it is not written in the recipe book.
-Chef At Home

it’s called freestyle cooking! what do u know?

TheLittleBrother is now serving in PLKN. the one and only in the family who’ve chosen. kesian but at the same time good time to waste :p

from yesterday’s sermon….
when u wake up in the morning FaceGod first not Facebook!
-Pr. Jublie Apin

LOL~~ good one! good one!! hehe….

i dunno…. earlier today i wanted to post an emo post but the thought kinda slipped away from me by now. it’s something about me who purposely spelled mahsyur as mashur during spelling test just so that my spelling book doesnt look 100% all the way. cos 98% looks cool too! 98% LOL! then when it came to inter-classroom spelling test (100% really does matter) i misspelled stoking as stokin. even though i heard clearly how Puan Molly and Puan Elizebeth pronounced it. i still thought they were wrong!!! (wah! and i thought i was so clever to think they were wrong!) oh C’MON!! we always say stokin, what?! right?? rrrrrrrright???!! hnnnhhh!! ok. my point is i will try not to be too nerdy or too academicly centered so that my friends wont feel intimidated. i hate to hear ‘ni li hai ma…. bu yi yang‘ ceh!!! i’m not ok (see…. comforting again) haihhh…. not to say i’m ‘li hai’ here la. just that if last time i keep my nerdy-bookworn-self maybe i’ll become another person now. a doctor? a lawyer? dunno how to say…. want to menyesal also too late now. see… maybe if i have studied harder i wont use manglish ever? haihh… other time.

oh, do you think i can find some Mentaiko in lbu?

sneak peek for tonight’s dinner….

The Cilipadi infamous mayonnaise mee 🙂

in case u are wondering, those are bbq pork leftover fom cny. i substituted as mince pork. LOL! heck! this photos was taken a month ago lah.

be blessed, ppl!

❤ cilipadi


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