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March 26, 2010

Alvin ♥ Yee Fei: Wedding [23.01.2010]

fei as we used to call her is one of those type of girls whose charm or aura could immediately be felt when she’s in a crowd. not because of her cute memorable face but because she speaks her voice out. loud. and to the point. we first met during lecture, we found out we stayed just next to each other’s college (owh btw college here refers to our hostel) and then that made it easier for us to become team members for every group assignments. of course not to forget the darling. i remember once during our presentation we decided to wear all whites. sampat. i know. i so wanted to post the photos but let just keep that for another day. we were travel companion for our little trip to HK few years back. she made my dream possible to go see the HK Disneyland. and ohya, how can i forgot she even came all the way to miri and even set foot to the good old marudi. haha! she sure loves travelling very much. that girl.

i can blab all i want about us but not her and alvin. because i can. and because i only met alvin once before their wedding. so how much can i say about him? all i knew they were working in the same firm. cupid played his role and wah-lah love bloomed and relationship evoled.and boy oh boy…. is he kind and sweet? 110% yes! is he loving and gentleman. indeed! and does he send her home safe till the door step and greet the parents. checked! and the best thing is he said ‘YES MA’AM’ to fei. LOL!! he sure has some kind of humour. that guy.

of course i wasnt the OP for their prestigious wedding. but since i brought labo everywhere i go i dont want to miss documenting my gf’s most memorable day for my own momentos so why not? here goes some of them.


modern taste mix traditions



the dress....


custom made




and the tortures begin....


the groom vs the queen of door game. LOL!!


there must be something the groom entourage done wrong or not following the rules..... haha!


i ♥ yee fei b'cos...... he was sweating like mad when writing this. LOL!


hand in hand


parents happy faces 😀




girl firends


fei was a very active Leo Club member in high school and that brought her as far as Japan so these are her Leo Club Japanese family flew all the way from Japan for her wedding *heart*


waiving singlehood goodbye :p


a bride's moment....


the OP asked us to laugh.... hahahahaha!!!

and before she change and we help her removing all her hair piece



why not?! :p

the reception was held at Prince Hotel, KL. fei did invited us to come earlier if we can to take some photos in their suits. the hair curling activity took most of our time so….. sorry fei :p and after we checked our table number and went to it my oh my…. we were stoked and honoured to find who were our tablemates!!!


ohayou gozaimasu~~

the one on far right is a swedish who resides in japan for many years already in case you are wondering why the look like that :p and we found out her name is noella a girl version of noel. LOL!! we have both of them at our table that night, noel and noella 😀

some more….


clockwise: hand fan (so cute!), pocket in the sleeves (can put everything inside), the hand fan now tucked in the err... belt?!, scarlet playing with japanese uber colourful videocam.

info: the clothes the ladies were wearing are called yukata NOT kimono ok. yukata is a summer cotton kimono worn during summer in japan. since malaysia summer all year round so maybe that’s why they wore that. and a real kimono is made of pure silk. very expensive!

the elder woman (forgot her name T___T) brought also a hand-held fan that was tucked in her aiya.. what is that called? a belt?! and she wore a real geta sandals! so cute!!!

we learned some of their customs and vice versa and one thing that i remember is that in japanese weddings, the arrangement of wedding tables are (from nearest to the couple table) friends, colleagues, relatives then families. unlike us in malaysia in the other way round. the reason is that we dont see friends all of the time. while families and relatives can meet every now and then during big day. and colleagues no need to explain lah we see them 5-6 days a week! haha!! well, that’s what i learned from. at least i left with ilmu pengetahuan *proud*

so here some more :p


peace~~ (^.^)V


speeches from the couple


one for the album 🙂


🙂 🙂 🙂

and before we part to our own ways…..


drama at the lift :p

to fei & alvin, here’s a toast to more love and a whole universe of happiness.
fei, thanks for being such a wonderful friend.
alvin, i hope u know what to do when u marry the one and only child :p


if u have notice, there are a lot of photos of me this time. all credits to mr. noel. faster say he is good.

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi


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