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February 20, 2010

Chicken Soup For The Lonely Soul

when i first got the permission to hold the ladle /turner and wok and cooking pot and turned on the stove by my own. i was thrilled beyond compared. i was 10 y.o. and The Mother finally allowed me to cook!! other than just doing the dishes and ‘mengauk‘ the rice. that means i’ve grown up!! yeah right! as far as i remember the first few dishes that i cooked were some scramble eggs and guess what…. i also fried the big green chillies with anchovies!!! yippie!!! ahh… since then i fall in love with the ladle /turner and wok and cooking pot!!

but the love of cooking last only until my high school. when i started college i lost interest with whatsoever recipes that anybody shoved to me. i lost interest…. err… more like lazy… to set my feet in the kitchen. when i started working the lethargy just became more prominet T___T with that my cooking skill has flew out the windows and land on a frog and never return. KNS! ok la, it did returned somehow but only it has became rusty. must be the frog’s slime!!! hiskh!!

today i set my feet in the kitchen. no. the office pantry to be exact. and cooked! i’ve been craving for The Mother’s chicken soup so the only way to satisfy the craving was by cooking it my own T__T *sigh* so i guess i’m back with the ladle/ turner and wok and cooking pot.

well, since an entry is much more beautiful with photos, here’s a sneak peek of three different occasions that i’ve shot recently. i dunno which will come first but just chill….. 🙂


Tea Ceremony during Yee Fei & Alvin's wedding in Jan


Corporate Annual Dinner - 'Back To School' was the theme.


Josephine & Alan's wedding reception

till then.

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi


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