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February 18, 2010

LBU day two

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this is so quiet. despite the loud volume of the tv and the air conditioner motor spins a little too loud sporadically. it still feels very quiet. in the heart, that is.

alone in this hotel room watching old movie – Home Alone! really T__T on star movies, that is. someone pls alert ASTRO it’s CNY already not christmas!! with such limited tv channels available my only prefered options are tv3 and star movies but i hate tv3 on thursday night cos they play ghost story just because it is malam jumaat. crazy!!! hiskk!!!

it’s my second day here in this hot island of labuan. things went well and smooth at the office except for a place to stay after tomorrow. aihh… but let tomorrow worry about that. i know this is too much on a 2nd day but i am now looking at malaysia public holidays and starting to block my calendar to go home if possible twice a month. how to save RM if like this?! T___T

ok, out of boredome and to keep myself sane here are some random things around the room. peace (^.^)V


my healthy snacks - tomatoes!! yum yum!! best eaten while watching tv :p


to keep me hydrated




my stinky cheap leapord print flats :p

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi


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