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February 9, 2010

Monday Musings (on a Tuesday)

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welcome to my monday musing. on a tuesday. that is. sorry to drag you along with my stupidity by losing the day but this is what happen when the connection sucks on a monday T__T so this is actually written yesterday. sorry i hope this wont happen again in the future :p

i have decided to dedicate this day (monday) to get things off my chest and out of my head. at least i can shoo my monday blues away. errrmmm… but be prepared also that i might not stick religously to the idea as my laziness supersedes the motivation.

as the tagline suggest. this blog is not all about showing off my amerture photography. it’s also of LIFE, LOVE and FAITH, remember? so today i might as well dwell with these three element that i see happened the whole week.

LIFE: it’s funny how life turns out to be exactly the opposite of what we thought or planned? when i was back in my final year of study i cant wait to be back home and serve here with whatever job i could get. i just cannot imagine myself being stuck in the crazy jam of kl and all the fuss of paying off rentals and all that and living a hectic life. i prefer a mellow, relaxing life in the comfy place called home. where laundry is well taken care of. but after five years of being in the comfort zone of the family’s roof and other homey benefits i finally have to be away. all by myself. where laundy is another serious task other than work T__T

LOVE: when love is a noun. it is also a verb. when it comes to verb. one DO it in ACTION!! and it knows no boundaries. so today i am thankfull for that sheepish clumsy kisses that left a bump on your head. it shows ur ACTION. i am in awe of her energy to travel one whole day transitting four different airports to get to him despite all the shortcomings. what do you know?! it shows her ACTION. his sacrifices just to have her legally despite all the obstacles and different nationality and idealogy. it shows his ACTION.

FAITH: many things about tomorrow that i dont seem to understand and i let fear to cripple my capacity to obey and to follow His way T__T there are things that i knew i have to give up and let go but i let pretence to surpass. but in all seriousness i know who holds tomorrow and i just need to remain patience. patience is a virtue. havent they tell you about it?!

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi


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