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January 29, 2010

Anastar ♥ Ramli : Wedding [19.12.2009]

anastar is a sweet and hardworking girl. that’s all i know. i dont know about ramli but i am confident that those are among the traits that has melted his young heart 9 years ago before they finally tied the knot. i was a little nervous and couldnt believe what i hear when anastar called me up asking for favor to photograph their wedding.

ramli was based in penang so i never met him prior the wedding. i felt a little awkward at first. but god bless his funny self he never fail to lightened up the atmosphere with his funny jokes. oopsss!! i laughed the loudest. i think. *shy* and i immediately like this guy. owh… no wonder anastar fell over heels on him.

i cant say enough ‘thank you’ for the both of you for believing in me to capture your wedding day. thanks for being such a sport for all my quirky requests.

here are some of my fav from the wedding. but they still a lot. tsk! i am so bad at choosing the better ones la….. but for get my rambling, this couple is game to work with!


long trail...


it fits!! 🙂








his + hers = together


one done one getting ready


small talk


a bouquet for my bride 🙂 this one my FAV!




owh i must post this one cos i want to brag. i took this with big ass labo while my left hand was on the wheel driving. and i must make sure we (me & videographer) were a head of the bridal car. super thrill ok!!

since both of them are kenyah and kayan, it is natural to be greeted with their traditional dance by the young ones upon arrival to the church.


dancing feet


the theme colour


flowergirls baskets




flower boy (yes he was the only flower boy) and one of the cute flower girls


bringing shaxy back!!


the bestmen


we had ample time so we had outside for some bridal party shot.... sort of... :p



together they made a fun photo. those at the back are gems to work with!

and that’s a wrap for the morning session. now let’s go on with the reception.


dressing up by themsleves




his & hers


marching in in their glorious traditional costume


the warriors and the maidens

before they change into another attire i managed to take this…


my romantic attempt


flow.... blessing.... flow....


speech from the groom


marching out for a whole new exciting life together


love this

and that’s a wrap for the evening reception.

again, this time i dont end this series with yours truly with the couple cos i am so unphotogenic that i worry that my presence in the photo might ruin the beauty of the pix… hehe… but to the couple, thanks again for giving me this opportunity to hon my lazy takes. i wish you both nothing but everlasting love all the way in this new phase of life that’s God has planned for you.

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi

i live to learn and i learn to live with it



  1. seriously im love those shots above. those were the shots that i look for when going on assignment.

    Comment by Rw — January 30, 2010 @ 4:56 pm | Reply

    • thanks RW 🙂 as long as the couple happy. i’m happy!

      Comment by leanorval — January 30, 2010 @ 7:40 pm | Reply

  2. Lovely.
    I like your approach.
    Vibrant colours.

    Oh, hope they will do well in Penang. Best wishes.

    Comment by amoker — February 1, 2010 @ 11:07 pm | Reply

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