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January 8, 2010

Cool City

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is wat i am drinking now in my favourite hotel room in kk
it’s my pearl milk tea fix
to replace tea box milk tea of myy
cant finish it though
gonna save half of it for bfast tomorrow
and there’s no refridgerator in this hotel room. KNS! T__T

albeit the lack of refridgerator
this is still my favourite hotel whenever i’m in kk though ❤
they have all the basics in such space savvy arrangement
and most of all and most important point of all
it is located exactly above warisan square shopping complex, opposite centre point, 53 seconds walk to seaview / waterfront restaurants / bar / lounge, 5 minutes to the philippines market
in a nutshell it is one affordable hotel at the heart of the city
i love it cos i can just conveniently go downstair for girlie windowshop frenzy

i am suppose to be sleeping by now
gotta wake up as early as 5am tomorrow to the jetty
tsk, i've made a mistake by allowing the reception to make me a wake up call tomorrow. KNS!! T___T
i actually just asked her to get a taxi for me but as a profesional hotel staff with her soft sweet voice she offered a wake up call for me….
she was so polite that for a nanosecond i tak sampai hati to say no
so i just said ok to her offer which now i regretted T__T!!!
tat means i have to get up and pick up the phone!!!! arrrghhhh!!!

i really have to sleep now!! NOW!!
but i die2 wanna post photos… will tahan….
here are some pix of my room…




'through my window'


SMS-ing with my life jacket saviour. i forgot to bring mine. ada ka patut?! but later on i found out i forgot one more important thing. more important thatn the life jacket cos life jacket can be borrowed from the boat but this.... hmmm.... i rather not say in case The Boss read this ^^


my current obssesion (^.^)v dont hate!

i am so sad about all the unnecessary contraversial issue about ‘The Word’ recently
my oh my, i pity the uncle selling pies downstair lor…
cos his pies are not the hottest pies anymore since the issue
and then the arson…. tsk! T___T
i feel as if i am not in my beloved country anymore *cry*

i’ve no more to say….

whatever it is

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it


sorry, i promo2 the hotel but forgot to mention what hotel is it
ok, it is called Imperial Boutec Hotel
go see2 their website la…
oh, dont mention it, u are welcome!! :p


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