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January 6, 2010

Jonathan ♥ Wendy : Wedding [27.11.09]

back in uni, during the orientation week i confused her with another beauty, Irene. cos their features were almost similar that my eyes and mind cannot collaborate well to diffrentiate both of them.

our first conversation was during our walk to Dectar for choir practice during that orientation week. we (i) chose to sing in choir to avoid the Larian Hijau (running around the uni) cos i am not a sporty girl like that. then, from staying in the same college to singing in the same choir club to studying in the same faculty to joining the same christian fellowship to going to the same dinners to going for choir trip togehter we basically see a lot of each other and immediately she become one of my good good collegemate from Kolej Dato’ Onn and my good fren from Penang 🙂

she’s one of the leanest girl i’ve seen. really. where most of my friends hide away from the sun to get fair skin but this girl just love to add more tan on herself despite being a Tan already…. geddit? geddit? Wendy Tan?!

as far as i remember, she remained single throughout uni years although i heard quite a number of guys had a crush on her (that includes my coursemates. haha!) so i was just so excited when i saw the status changed on her FB :p ngeh… ngeh… ngeh… and when she asked whether i would be able to attend the wedding, i just simply said yes without checking my schedule cos she darn smart informed million years before so the return tix that i got to Penang were all on promo ones :p

well, i cant say much about Jonathan though cos i never meet him until the wedding day itself. but, my oh my… Wendy u really got class!! Jonathan sure is a husband that every parents and pastors and our good God would have agreed of for a daugther…. and owh, did he just sang the most beautiful song?! Yes!! and he CAN SING!! tsk! so terharu… T___T it was one of the best wedding i’ve ever been for a long time.

aihh… before i go on ranting lets just look at photos. i wasnt the official photog of course. but this wedding sure won The Most DSLR Photogs In a Church Wedding i’ve even been to. there were 11 of us if not mistaken. yes. i very k-po. i counted :p


marching in


beaming from ear to ear


listening attentively


Wendy used to tell me that one of the thing that her daddy will always bring along with him is his digicam to take random photos. i finally saw it by myself that day! haha!




out of the 11 DSLR user

u didnt think that i’m gonna post all B&W, did u?! here are some colours…

#7 (photo by jessQ, edited by lv)


#8 (photo by jessQ edited by lv)

#9 (photo by jessQ edited by lv)

hand in hand

#10 (photo by jessQ edited by lv)

vows exchange

#11 (photo by jessQ edited by lv)

and sealed with a kiss ^.^


random shots :p



little details and the reception…



marching in


blessing prayer




singing and waltzing


cannot tahan must upload this one too…

ahhwww..... suh-weeet!!




guess what were we doing?! guess... guess.. faster guess.... hint: red


from behind the OP

usually i’ll end my wedding post with me with the couple but this time it’s different. cos this gal rocks!!


Wendy's most glamour younger sister, Elissa. Haha!!! always heard bout her and see her pix on FB only.

to Wendy and Jonathan, thanks for having me to witness ur awesome wedding. i wish nothing but happiness as u now walk together as husband and wife. may the Lord’s blessing guard and guide u all the way.


be blessed, ppl!!


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  1. BW is phat 🙂

    Comment by RW — January 15, 2010 @ 4:00 pm | Reply

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