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October 29, 2009

i’ve been busy…. really??!

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Oh yeah… that explains the lack of updates. Heeeee…. ^.^

Well, not that u visit my blog regularly pun. am i right? So that makes us even! :p

I know u never ask me what the heck have i been doing but as the owner of this spicy (as if) blog i feel obliged to at least put up some updates :p

So here you go in the count of 3… 2…. 1….

1. I’ve been busy
flying! No, no, not with feathery wings that spread out from my back like the eagle’s. I mean i’ve been busy flying with MAS and AA. owh! Firefly too!! all on personal and business and leisure and holidays. KK and Kemaman were among the destinations.


top: in kemaman. that's a local delicacy called Satar. a fish snack in Terengganu Malay cuisine. a mixture of pounded fish, shallots, coconut milk and cili padi wrapped in banana leaf and barbecue over low fire. bottom; my first time flying with Fireflyz

2. I’ve been busy
being a main bride’s maid for my darling Scarlet’s wedding, which was a major fail!! With Labo along i totally neglected my main role to take good care of the bride. I didn’t even know what’s the purpose of the hand fan!! oh dear… my beautiful bride went all sweaty cos her stupid bride’s maid never use the fan on her…. *sigh*


top: the hand fan that i never use to fan my bride.... bottom: a fren told me that it is good to buy something that could last long with the ji mui's ang pow money. so this is what i got for myself with my ang pow cash 😀 i never use them yet cos i dunno what are their respective function. o.O

3. I’ve been busy
giving training. Oh u should see the participant’s certificates. Hahaha!! Since when did i become a Training Principal? Hmmmm…. we Malaysian are really good at titles, no? :p anyhoo, i was very very flattered. heeee~~

P1100414 copy

lookie... lookie... whose name is that at the right side?!! *kembang*

4. I’ve been busy
attending meeting and workshop.


top and bottom left: during workshop. bottom right: ok ok... it doesnt look like a meeting at all but who take freaking photo during meeting, right? so i settle down with one in the ladies. KNS!! o.O say watever u wanna say *whistle away both hands in the pockets*

5. I’ve been busy
enjoying my-sakai-self in a 5 star hotel which was fully paid and having the room all by myself.


clockwise: room no. > the room... i know... the tv, right?! maybe they still want something old school > view from my balcony > acting!

6. I’ve been busy
worrying about domestic matter. Tsk! Some project i’m currently doing lah. lazy to explain. Enough saying that it gaves me a pain in the neck and a big hole to my tiny pocket!! ok i am officially broke!!! T_______T

7. I’ve been busy
(this one related to the above) arguing and literally yelling at my house contractor who managed to raise my temperature level up that u can cook a half boiled egg on my head. *smokes coming out from both ears* but that’s a sad story for another time. good news is that I’ve got rid of the bloodsucker eh no moneysucker and energysucker are more like it!!

8. I’ve been busy
meeting up with The Boyfriend. ok why is this entitled to be in the list? owh… it’s because i have to take 2-3 hours ride to get to him and another 2-3 hours back.

P1100477 copy

obviously he is not The Boyfriend. but he is always around whenever we hang out nowadays. everyone, this is Olsen our friends son and he is very good looking i tell u.

9. I’ve been busy
tending my farms on facebook. fyi, my farmvile now is at level 31, my farmtown is at level 29, my barn buddy is at level 28 (i m no. 1 among all my neighbours. Yay!) aiihh… all these virtual farms are insanely addicting!! KNS!!

my farmville

my farmtown

barn buddy

10. I’ve been busy
guiding and teaching The Boyfriend how to play all those facebook farming games crap and he is now getting ahead of me T__T Ooops! That makes two of us :p *regret for introducing him to all these craps*

11. I’ve been busy
doing my dirty job on site under the hot sun in my stinky coverall with my heavy equipment bag. Hisk!! why can’t i get a more glamour job than this?! T__T

12. I’ve been busy
stuffing my lusty mouth and greedy stomach with all the seasonal fruits like durians, rambutan, langsat, buah mata kucing and buah dabai.


clockwise: durian, dabai, rambutan and langsat. (i dunno what they called in english, and since this is not a science subject so i'll spare their scietific names)

13. I’ve been busy
being a bookworm. I miss being a bookworm. It is so me!! 😀 so i was actually spending most of my free time reading the three sequels of Twilight saga. I read Twilight few months ago so when i started with the second book this month it took me a while to recall who is who especially those ‘friends’ characters. Overall i was enthralled with the magical storylines and especially love the way miss Meyer weaved her words in such great details for each characters and moods. Every time i hold those books in my hands i felt as if i was sucked down into the earth (u know those time machine thingy on tv? ya.. that body swirling process an then being sucked into it) and transported to the dark and sunless world of the vamps and werewolf…. eeeee….. btw, i love the big brown fury wolf in all the last three books (i am not gonna spoil anything here, see i am so good)


14. I’ve been busy
catching up with my sleep. my tireless sleep. wait. tireless sleep? does sleeping ever been so tiring? doesn’t by sleeping u are suppose to be resting instead of being restless? well, strangely i do feel tired sometimes. when i woke up from my slumber i felt so restless that i felt my body ached and screamed for some more rest but i just couldn’t continue because i was already late for work. KNS!! (too many nightmares, maybe!) *sigh*

15. I’ve been busy
doing any normal human being do all the time eg: eating, watching TV, playing loco rocco and diner dash on psp, plucking my armpit hair, trimming my eye brows, goin to the loo, feeding the cat, cooking maggie mee etc… etc…

Hmm… wow!! i was that busy, huh!! *cough*

notice i didnt list anything about photography? that’s because i was quote too busy unquote with all of the above that i do not have time to edit all my photos T_T

*sound of crickets*

Ok ok… i was procrastinating!!!!!!!!!!! i was being lazzzzzzyyyy!!!!!!

Anyhoo, stay tune with my next photo post 🙂

Ohya, all photos were taken from misture of my cameraphone, my compact digicam and Labo.

Be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it



  1. eh,leanor…u did came to kemaman?? when?? yg ada firefly tu at kertih rite??

    Comment by khijan — November 12, 2009 @ 6:50 pm | Reply

  2. hi khijan!
    ya, i was there early oct and my first time on fireflyz.

    Comment by leanorval — November 12, 2009 @ 9:28 pm | Reply

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