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October 13, 2009

a confession tag

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i’ve been tagged!! by Grace or better known as Makeupgeeek. she’s a make up geek indeed to the extend she has to add an extra ‘e’ to the word ‘geek’. haha!! for u girls who love to beautify urself u should check her out! she’s very rajin to do all the reviews on beauty products that u might need. eh… ok i’m way off track now. what was i suppose to do again? owh. five confessions. hehe… i actually seldom reply those tags thingy this one could make an exception cos i am soooooooooooo FREE and soooooooooooo BORED right now at this Subang Airport waiting to check in for my flight to Kemaman. they wont let me check in earlier like 3 hours before departure T_T

hmmm… five confessions…. lemme think…. *drums fingers on table*

1. I admit it la. I love love love food!! it wasnt just simply coincident that there’s a ‘Food’ word for my blog title ok. have to scratch that cos doesnt sound like a confession at all! everyone knows that i a m a foodie person. hmmmm… the truth is i dont remember my parents’ birthdays but i’ll make up for it with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day :p and the only hp no. that i memorise by heart in the family is The Mother’s T_T the rest just press on their names. but i do love all of them loooooooooooooooooooooooong time! that includes PoPo. i cant imagine if i’m finally leaving them for a new life *cough* as *cough* somebody’s wife *cough cough* one day….

2. I cannot stand the sight of blood except for ones that came out from my own system. or else how do u expect me to deal with my ‘AV’ every month?!

3. ok this one quite embarrassing. we know each state in Malaysia has its own dialect / slang like that? so does my own state, Sarawak. u know Bahasa Serawak. but for some reason that i couldnt comprehend for the lifetime of me. i just failed at the language T_____T yes! i do not speak Bahasa Serawak! huhuhuu… while i have frens in college from Terengganu speak very well of it. hisk!! and i really admire my chinese coursemate from Terengganu whenever she speaks the Terengganu slang. my eyes could beat those of gold fish’s whenever i hear she speaks them so fluently *jealous* but on a happier note, i do understand 60% of Bahasa Serawak la… at least i know when ppl ‘nganok’ (correct or not?) me!! -_- and i know what ‘tetak‘ means ok! it’s hahahaha!!!! LOL~ there! ^.^

4. i have a weird crooked or bengkok in BM right arm. hmmm… how should i describe? errmm…. a normal arm when stretched out and if u see from ur eyes level should be straight, right? but my elbow bends a lil bit of 5 degree angle to the right (when look at from my own eyes level). all because of a naughty childhood when i and my cousins were playing military (ceh!) and climbed up the ceylings like monkey ladders and jumped down on the mattress. when it was my turn, i somehow missed the mattress and fell straight to the hard wooden floor and i could hear clearly the ‘crack’ sound of my elbow being dislocated from its position. huhuhuhu…. u can imagine the pain for an 8y.o that time. i had to crawl to my dad and cried in no time T____T

5. ok. another embarrassing one. it takes courage to confess this one. oh well, confession purify one’s soul anyway. u know i never have the guts to even take anything without permission when i was little. ya lah. i budak skema, ok or not?! not until one day. i remembered i was 18 or 19. i didnt know what devil got into me i shoplifted a hair band from one supermarket in Kuching! u know one of those pretty hair band to tie our pretty long hair? it cost only RM3.99 and to tell u the truth i have more than enough money to buy ten of it with my money if i wanted to. me and my aunt went to the fitting room and i just bite off the price tag! all my aunt could say was “are u out of ur mind?” i replied “syyhhh” i just did it for the FUN of it. i just wanna feel the COOLNESS of shoplifting. yes. i know crazy. some more one of my fav actress, Wynona Ryder was doing it. so… *shrugs* but after few days of that i felt so regret and so afraid of the punishment from the Man Upstair i prayed for repentance! haha!! and i never ever dare do that again. never again!

ok now. i gtg check in already.

::edit to add::

after a long thought in the flight (yes, i’ve reached Kemaman safely) there’s one more confession i want to tell. truth be told, i miss one particular ‘long lost’ friend. ‘lost’ here means we’ve lost the camaraderie we used to have and it’s not easy. i wish the best for this friend of mine and know that you will always remain a friend in my heart. i’ve learned long ago life’s too short for grudges (^_^)V

i am tagging all of u readers… hehehe… 😀

Be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it



  1. Lol. The extra ‘e’ is so true. Anyhoos, I lol-ed at your no.5 confession. Kantoi! Wait. You understand what’s that word? Busted! Hehe. Now you talk abt stealing, I think we actually do reached a certain phase of teenagers where just without thinking we do something that we’re not suppose to do!

    For instance, one time I wanted to buy hair band (we girls mmg suka hair bands and why does it always has to be hair bands right?! of all things!) Because the hair band got few colours that I dont like, so I opened the other packet and took my fav colour and put them in my packet which Im about to pay. And I manage to pay and get off without the cashier noticing(stupid or what, obviously she doesnt like her job). Felt guilty after that. Sigh. Why do I even confess here.

    Comment by missroum87 — October 14, 2009 @ 11:27 pm | Reply

  2. haha!! it’s ok. good to hear stories here 🙂

    ya, why does it always has to be hair bands?? :/ well, in my case right after i bit off the price tag i tied my hair with it and walked out from the fitting room like nothing ever happened. apooo… daring la konon… ceh! $#@%!!

    Comment by leanorval — October 16, 2009 @ 4:45 pm | Reply

  3. elo balai polis miri ka?

    sini ada 2 org amoi ada curi barang dlm kedai…
    diaorg curi ikat rambut punya brg…
    ya ya ya..itu byk kaler punya…


    my confession:

    i minat this amoi since darjah 3 until form 4 (she moved to different class) but i never told her…
    after SPM, she went to KL or somewhere and i never saw her again….

    i heard she is converting…hw i wish i can save her…


    Comment by haro — October 26, 2009 @ 2:01 pm | Reply

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