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August 31, 2009

Merdeka!! Race?! What Race?! Race Car ahh!!

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Yess!!! Finally!!! MERDEKA!!! While the whole nation is celebrating the country’s 52nd birthday today, it is also a day of freedom for me…. free from the tension of deadlines, free from multimedia project, free from advertisements project!! I believe the whole team really really gonna fully utilise this day to relax and rejuvenate. It had been a taxing and rush weeks before the event last night but that is a story for another day. Today is my beloved country’s 52 years of independence so it’s gonna be all about the good old Malaysia tanah tumpah darahku!! 🙂

Errr…. i might not be the perfect person to blog about the value of the independence to the country because i am a 80-s baby!! (Are a 80-s baby? 80-s babies are cool, you know? ;-)) More than 2 decades after the historic moment so i might not be able to really relate to the real meaning of it. but despite my shallow in that department, i am one very nationalist person!! i am very proud to be Malaysian despite what other people say. i remember i used to blog about Independence Day in my old blog too and i am not gonna repeat the same tune today.

During this whole month, i’ve been listening and reading about this whole ‘One Malaysia’ thing. yes it’s a good thing! it defines unity among the multiracial of this country!! Even during my recent vacation (this again will be a story for another day ok) the in-flight magazines were flooded with articles / comments / thoughts by the celebrities and influential individuals about this Independence Day and some really nearly made my teary….. (see i am a sentimental person and i love my country) among others they all shared one thing in common in their comments, UNITY, they talked about how they made it to where they are today regardless of race, culture and of course religions and reading their stories and hope for the country brought a dry lump to my throat. why? because it is almost surreal to see people of different races can work as a good team nowadays in the society. but i believe them. i believe some of them really experienced the bond despite the whole different background. i believe it can be achieved 🙂 but sometimes at the end of the day, that notorious thought and mentality of defining ppl with their colour will still emerge somehow…… i am not being sceptical but when talk about racism. Ask me!!

I am gonna stir the ever exist sensitive sentiment of the national unity – racism! in my very own version and experiences. so pls don’t judge anything here ok. we know that there are five major races in this blessed Malaysia, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban and Kadazan. I am none of them. but i am one of those who live together with the 4th majority, the Ibans because we share the same land of this good old Sarawak. In the peninsular, it is easy to indentify each race. If u are very fair, you are a Chinese, if you are not so fair, you are Malay and if you are dark, you are definitely Indian. In Sarawak, it can be one pain in the neck to identify the exact race of one person until you know their last names. This is because we Sarawakian have too many different tribes all across the land. We label every different tribes by their traits and attitudes (which often influenced by their fore fathers’ characters? Err…. something like that) so we label (from my point of view and the subconscious mentality) Malay – lazy and ‘gaya saja lebih’ but quite trustworthy and friendly (my Malay friends are all very friendly :-)), Chinese – hardworking but bengkeng and always businessminded, Iban – troublemakers (after drinking too much) but also quite hardworking (they were head hunters, remember?) they are very sempoi too, Kayan – hard to work with but can be very smart, Kenyah – kuat makan cili, Kelabit – kinda think highly of themselves but mostly good looking, Lun Bawang – notorious gangsters when you pick on them but among the earliest believer! Bidayuh – very happening bunch of ppl!! Melanau – errmm… kinda lazy and lack of cleanliness but courteous. Notice i stressed on their negatives point before the positives? That is because human always point out the bad point of ppl first whenever they comment on one person.

It is common for non-chinese family to send their children to Chinese school here (i think if there’s any Tamil school they would send their children there too!) you can see groups of young kids playing mud or simply playing by the rivers screaming and howling at each other in Mandarin just to find out that they are actually Iban or other local natives T_T haha!! so i am one of those fortunate ones. At first it was difficult to cope what more to say i never attended kindergarten. I was totally clueless how it would be like to study with all cina (will use this to refer Chinese) kids. Of course like Yasmin Ahmad’s commercial ads about ‘Tan Hong Meng in love’ where our children are colour blind, i was like that then. naive and innocent to whatever they call ‘race’ and thought everyone is equal. My parents never taught us to stay away from other races other then us. They only taught us to make friends with all our classmates and respect our teachers and just study. That’s it! and that’s why i didn’t feel any awkwardness when i mingled with the cina then. until…… jeng… jeng…. jeng…. one day at a tuition centre at my teacher’s place. i was 11 years old that time. it was the 1st time i heard the word ‘la zhi’ (Mandarin) a.k.a ‘la kia’ (in Hokkien). my friend said something about another friend’s mum and say something about her that ‘la zhi is like that’ (in accusing tone) then i being so innocent asked her back ‘what is ‘la zhi’?’ (i thought an adjective from her mother tounge) then she answered ‘like your race la, we call you all la zhi!’ and i knew that she refers to ‘la zhi’ as a negative influence. (kecik2 dah pandai complain pasal mak orang!) LOL!! then it finally struck me that the cina refer to all Bumiputra (the natives) other than Malay as ‘la kia’. In peninsula, u wont hear this word. it only can be heard in Sarawak! During my Uni time, all my cina friends treated me like themselves because they don’t know ‘la kia’ and they don’t have ‘la kia’ only Malay and Indian. They are the best bunch of friends i’ve ever met!

In Sarawak, if the cina said the word ‘la kia’ it is like the ‘N’ word American refer to African-American! But being a sport, i didnt want to take it so seriously. I continued to mix around with the cina up till today. My best friends are Chinese. ppl always say i look like one. so it didnt really matter. they do talk bout ‘la kia’ in front of me but then they will tell me that they are just referring to the Iban! Hahahaa!!! once it refers to all Bumiputras and one time it refers to only Iban!! It can be so funny sometimes when they ‘accidentally’ blurted the word ‘la kia’ in front of me and they went silent for a second to respect my presence. KNS!! and you could feel the tension in the air. It can be hurtful sometimes though because you know your friends are being so hypocrite at the same time. I had the worst experience with some ppl who tried hard to protect their family from being close to me just because they do not want to taint their family tree with other race other then cina T_T but then hor… to my fellow ‘la kia’ friends, we can excel in cina school too!! like me! like me!! you can get no. 1 in class too… !! (wah, tak tanya pun :p nvm, let me brag!) so don’t let the word ‘la kia’ bring you down. It’s just a word. Not you!! God calls us by name!! not by race or religions. And shouldn’t we do the same too?!

Apparently the critism on each tribes and races will always be around. our mentality is fixed to what we’ve think about people by their race. but let us all learn to embrace the differences with a positive thinking and accept things that we shared in common that we are all human being!! Race defines our roots and identity but not what we are. Our attitudes, values and integrities define us! I am still so blessed to be placed by God in this beloved country Malaysia, and forever thankful for this good land of the Hornbills, Sarawak where people still can live harmoniously without any extreme and open disapproval towards each other. I am not saying that i am free from all those little critism towards other ‘race’ but at least i never talk too many negative things about my own country 🙂 and i love it for what it is (minus the politics la… pls). Hmm… now let’s watch this meaningful commercial by the late Yasmin Ahmad. One of my favourites!! Race? What Race?! Race car ah??!!! LOL!!!

Yesterday during the Sunday service we sang this song and it made me cried….. i so love my country!!

in case u cant view here’s the lyrics. i insist!! :p

Yesuslah Tuhan yang layak ditinggikan
Layak disembah atas suku-suku bangsa
Dengan darahMu Kau tlah tebus bangsaku
Genapi Tuhan, FirmanMu atas ne – gri ku

Hatiku rindu melihat kemuliaanMu
Hatiku rindu melihat curahan kuasaMu
Di tanah tercinta negara Malaysia
Ku berdoa Malaysia penuh kemuliaanMu
Malaysia bagi kemuliaanMu

Ya Allah ku nyatakan kemuliaanMu
Ya Allah ku nyatakan curahan kuasaMu
Di tanah tercinta negara Malaysia
Ku berdoa Malaysia penuh kemuliaanMu
Malaysia bagi kemuliaanMu

and i stumbled upon this while browsing for the above video. this is from our one and only miss Jacklyn Victor, Harapan Bangsa 🙂

you can see one with lyrics here.

Happy Birthday Malaysia!!

Have a blessed Merdeka Day, ppl!!



  1. dat wot i like about west msian chinese, they dun used “la kia” word

    luckily i can understand bit n pieces of chinese..
    good enuf to curse back..

    Comment by haro — September 3, 2009 @ 4:28 pm | Reply

  2. hmm… didn’t know that these kind of sentiments follow the word ‘la kia’; have always heard them being used by Parents in law here. i thought it’s only a word for bumis.

    i was also brought up with the same kind of ‘innocence’; until i got to Uni during Orientation week. west m’sians might not understand the meaning of ‘la kia’, but there exists the same type of discrimination among the 3 main races also. the term used might be different, but the mentality is also the same.

    of course… i’m not applying this to ALL m’sians in general.

    Comment by cliann — September 3, 2009 @ 10:03 pm | Reply

  3. regarding the video, i like this part,”reace is race car lah”

    Comment by rw — September 4, 2009 @ 6:18 pm | Reply

  4. *race*

    Comment by rw — September 4, 2009 @ 6:19 pm | Reply

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