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August 7, 2009

simple joy makes me smile

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two days ago an accident happended at mlng3 with one sad fatality. i was just working ‘next door’. the location i worked that day was just a fence away from mlng3. me and my col even had a time to snap some pictures of mlng from where we stood in bcot.

after the incident i received sms-es from ppl close to me and one unexpected one asking bout my condition. whether i was in mlng. thank God i wasnt. those sms-es sent smiles to my face. i’m blessed that i am so loved and cared 🙂 i am so easy to please!!

yesterday, The Grandparents came down to town from their outskirts place (fyi, i am in Btu) upon knowing i was around. we had lunch. seeing The Grandma laughed with delight eventhough she couldnt chew the kailan with her false teeth sent warmth to my heart. i knew they felt the same way to see me too 🙂 The Grandparents are so easy to please!!

then i sent TheYoungBro to his tuition centre. he asked for money sometimes. sometimes RM10 but i gave RM5. he didnt ask last night, just a ride to the tuition centre and not be late, that’s all. TheYoungBro is so easy to please!!

The Sister bought Big Apple for anybody at home. Especially for The Mother and TheYoungbro. i knew The Mother was elated. it showed through her eyes and smiles. The Mother is so easy to please!!

had dinner with a friend. he picked me up form the terminal in the afternoon. just a free meal he said. hmm…. my friend is so easy to please!!

those were the simple joy i had for the passed few days. what’s yours?!

sometimes we look at the big picture much too often that we overlooked the little details that make the big picture looks the way it is.

and talking about picture, here’s a scenic photo from my sg. collection :p

palawan beach, sg

palawan beach, sg

Be blessed, people!!

l live to learn and i learn to live with it


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  1. aiya…
    not again!!
    beach shot without bikini!!

    what’s wrong with ur camera?!


    i prefer candid pics cos they are not edited..

    Comment by haro — August 10, 2009 @ 3:47 pm | Reply

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