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July 28, 2009

The Popular Farmer

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this morning TheGirlFriendV called with one totally unbelievable request that almost make me contemplate shuting down my facebook. but knowing the unlikeliness of that i decided to just gasp and be proud of my achievement :p

TheGirlFriendV: morning, u good?

me: yeah morning, what’s up?

i thought she’s gonna cancel the lunch date again.

TheGirlFriendV: u know what my laptop was attacked by virus and totally screwed and it has to be sent for repair. and the thing now is my Farm Town is producing crops and it’s time for harvest. can u please help me to harvest everything and plow new lands for me? LOG IN to my fb and go to my farm then hire urself to harvest them for me like that you also gonna earn money for working on my farm. u can then hire me to work in ur farm too. it’s a win-win situation. ok?

me: WHAT?! *disbelived with eye balls ready to pop out and fall into the waste basket*

that time, if only she was in front of me instead of her hollow voice on the other end of the line i would shake her up and down and up again and to the right and then left for being so OBSESSED!!!

me: my goodness!! u are sick!! i’m gonna tell ur husband about this!! u are obsessed!!

TheGirlFriendV: *laughed* ya i know! i actually wanted to let them be. but to think of my big land now and the many ‘plants’ that i’ve planted, i really dont want them to go to waste…. pls… i give u my fb password XXXXXXXX.

in my head ‘my friend is crazy!! God help her!!’

me: u are crazy u know that?! so what’s the password again?

TheGirlFriendV: XXXXXXXX. Dont forget to harvest my Barn Buddy and Happy Farm too ok. hehe….

me: ok lah. not to disappoint u, will do that too. really, this is madness….

TheGirlFriendV: thank you. haha!

*hung up*

then she called again.

me: haa… anything u missed?

TheGirlFriendV: *laughed* no. just wanna tell u our lunch is on and i’ll pick u up at 12.30pm.

me: ok. chicken rice.

TheGirlFriendV: see u then.

so i harvested and plowed her ‘farm’. it was my first time spending time on Farm Town. i do have farms but Farm Town wasnt my favourite cos it requires more time.

with that i was ranked as The Popular Farmer on FT!! omg! just by harvesting and plowing lands of a gf’s virtual farm. LOL!!

are u obsessed with fb applications too?! what have becoming to human nowadays? kalau suruh berkebun betul2 tak nak!! dalam fb bukan main banyak kebun siap dengan haiwan2 belaan sekali. hairan!! do it in moderation ok?!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

have a blessed day, people!



  1. I can identify with ur friend…that’s why i am trying hard to restrain myself from those games!!!!!! i have to learn to live without those hahaha..happy farming..!

    Comment by jenkays — July 30, 2009 @ 8:19 am | Reply

    • haha!! i have farms too, but not to the extend bagi password semua suruh kwn tolong harvest…. my gf ni dah over… anyway, ya…. happy farming! LOL!

      Comment by leanorval — July 30, 2009 @ 9:24 am | Reply

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