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May 21, 2009

when my job is delayed i’m not happy!!! i’m pissed!!!!

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my trip / job to Tukau & Siwa has been postpone again today!!

and this is already the third day!!!

meaning that my job now is delayed by three days!!

and i am pissed because i only have four days left to (hopefully) finish what i’ve started.

that is IF we are able to proceed tomorrow.

and most likely Siwa is out of my list already.

it’s either somebody gonna replace me or it has to be reschedule till i return. hmmhh!!!

there are nine more jackets (in layman term = small platform) to go for Tukau.

aihh… i wonder how can we finish them in four days IF tomorrow is on.

i dont care how long and how much i get from the ‘standby’ status this time.

i just wanna finish the job before i am off for my hols.

my long planned holidays!!!!





and i am pissed of the american idol result too!!!


i dont even wanna write bout it already.

*so unrelated!! :p


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  1. haiyo…y so piised…take a deep breath and shout lol….haha american idol?maybe u should try go for it next year….:O

    Comment by Only me — May 23, 2009 @ 5:34 pm | Reply

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