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May 13, 2009

Dead Body Found In Baram Field!!!

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hola all!! it has been a while huh! i wanted to blog / update but i just couldnt get a time for it or was i lazy?? ya the big LazyBug has been bugging me…. aihhh!!!

but… but… today is an exception!!! oh my god!! oh my god!! i’m so excited!!! phehww!! how do i start this?? errrmmm…. ya!! u read it right!! there was a DEAD BODY found in the miri waters today!! a floating CORPSE!! at the Baram Field to be exact!!! oh my god!!! oh my god!!! i’m so excited!! dont believe me? read The Borneo Post / Sin Chew / Lian Ho tommorow. i’m very sure the local newpapers are very busy printing the news bout it at the moment. so if u read this now (at 9.52p.m.) congrates!! u read it first here at Cili Padi’s.

to ease the curiousity of the ppl staying in Baram, no this didnt happen in the real Baram district as in the Sarawak’s map. the Baram Field here means offshore platforms own by the Carigali. Ya, they have weird ‘so called’ local names for all their platforms eg: Tukau (haha! wat a name!! if pronouce in hokkien ‘Tu’=piggies ‘Kau’=doggies pigdog?! haahaa!!), Bakau, Bokor, Siwa, West Lutong, Baronia ect.. ect…. no need to tell all lah.

ehh.. hold on… brb in an hour. CSI just started!!

so this week my job is to cover all the platforms in Baram Field (totall 12 of them) and today was only the 3rd day. 4 days to go T_T 4 more days of waking up at wee hour in the morning like 5a.m and 4 more days of sea sick!!! agony!!! on a lighter note, i made a big achivement yesterday for not taking the sea sick pill or scientificly known as Dimenhydrinate tablets!! whee!! but today i have to take 1 tablet for my trip coming back to shore though. so no ‘whee’ today T_T

aikkss… off too far from tracks!!!

ok where was i again?? owh… the floating corpse!! so as we were applying our Permit To Work at Baram Bravo before heading to Alpha. the boat has to wait for us while doing this so it romped about the platform whitin 500m radius la…. while busying myself with my permits, i heard the OIM was talking on the phone asking like ‘ what’s the colour of the coverall? owh… head down… bla.. bla.. bla…’ and one of the PIC told me that we will face a delay cos there’s a mayat (corpse) …. at 1st i thought he was kiddinng me cos he is like that. a joker!! he called me ‘wanita beradioaktif’ in announcement or when he paged me!!!! haha!! until the alarm was raised and we had to do head count that i finally realised that there was indeed a dead body!!! wow!!! the ppl from the boat found it. Borcos Firdaus 3 to be exact. not me!! :p thank God i had to go up the platform for PTW. so i x have to witness it with my own eyes :p

the local marine police were called. and speculation started to errupt amongst us. wondering who would it be? how did it end up there? was it a Filipino? bla… bla.. bla… and the ke-po-ness went on…

so our job has been delayed. no thanks to the corpse!! T_T while relaxing for our time to start our job we talked about the shocking finding again a witness from Dayang told us it looked like a mannequin / patung / some fluffy toy at first until when the boat got nearer and they smelt the rotten stench…. ewwww!! and he even taken a photo of it…. so here it is… oh my god!!! oh my god!!! i’m so excited!!!

a photo from a photo :p photo was taken from a witness' digicam. the corpse was floating with its back on the surface.

a photo from a photo :p photo was taken from a witness' digicam. the corpse was floating with its back on the surface.

sorry i know this photo cant do much justice but that’s all i can share here to prove i’m not making up story.

alright. sekian berita tempatan. time for a sleep. gotta wake up very early again tomorrow T_T why oh why did i agree to do this job at the first place?? T_T but for the umpteenth time i tell myself, i love my job!! 🙂 i think i’m gonaa chant this to make me sleep tonight.

have a blessed day!!



  1. sempat lagi update eh…

    hey, i saw more pics in hendra’s FB..

    i think that was the body of fisherman who was struck by lightning last week..

    even local newspaper dun have these pics..

    really KAY POH la u..

    Comment by haro — May 18, 2009 @ 4:46 pm | Reply

  2. eeeeee… how can you be excited about it? it’s so tragic lah.
    the pic of the body reminds me of the multitudes i saw (in the net and news la) during the tsunami incident . gory to the max!

    Comment by cliann — May 26, 2009 @ 6:37 pm | Reply

  3. agak scary..tp sgt menarik.

    i love my job..i love my job..hehehe

    Comment by idobez — June 3, 2009 @ 4:14 pm | Reply

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