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April 14, 2009

from the sky…..

i can’t remember when was the 1st time i set my butt on a plane (sometime during my primary school must be) but i remember being seated at the window seat and my face glued at the window panes for fear i miss anything of the ‘lego like city’ below as we fly up hinger and higher into the sky until the cloud blanketed the whole view with its whiteness. btw, talking bout aircraft’s windows, did u know that the windows glass of the aeroplanes are made of acrylic glass called perspex?? during my school days, i can always answered it right during my science / physics exam on this one. cos the words ‘perspex’ was so easy to remember and till now that’s the only thing i remembered bout its uses — as an aircraft’s windows glass…. hehe… ok ok… out of topic now. but just an info wat?!

so where was i? owh the ‘lego’ ok… then i imanagined how God see the world/ city/ town. just like a lego city. He can actually moves the houses, the vehicles, the trees as He likes just like how we play The Sims. Haha!! when i was little The Mother used to tell me that God was big so i imagined that God was VERY BIG physically. i mean really really big!! even bigger than the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk story like that!!

another thought that slipped across my mind whenever i seat at the window seat was that the city/town below look like those minute electronics components inside electronic devices. the terrace houses, the huge tanks, the buildings….. they can look like those capasitors, transfomers, transistors, or anodes that we learned in Kemahiran Hidup in secondary school that are neatly arranged on the circuit board inside the body of a radio or tv. (am i making any sense here?)

so now that i have labo by my side. and he has this ability to freeze everything that my eyes can’t and save them into still images. so here are some of my favorite aerial shots with him during my recent holidays to KL and SG 🙂 i heart him for this lah… *grin stupidly in front of laptop*

the left wing.... miri to kl

the left wing.... miri to kl

the clouds that covered my view

the clouds that covered my view

more clouds....

more clouds....

Singapore from the sky

Singapore from the sky



intestine-like river :p

intestine-like river :p


heeee…. so that’s about it for some aerial shots this time 🙂 actually more as an excuse for still procrastinating on my singapore hols post :p *innocent face* singapore what??! lalalalala….

have a blessed day u all!!

edit: aiya…. i wonder why my watermark doesnt appear on some of the photos… =.=” hiskh!! let it be lah… am too lazy to re-upload >.<


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