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March 24, 2009

name card saved the wallet

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Clumsy Tuesday!

That would be the best words to describe my day for today.

First, i left my phone #1 at home T_T But luckily i remembered to bring phone #2. (which is an official no. and of not much use to me actually cos it is only for business purposes)

Secondly, I nearly lost my purse. Great!!

I only realised bout its missing when i reached the office from lunch. me and novi looked for it at every nook of the car but to no avail. uh ohw! I started to feel nervous. i wasn’t worried bout the money i have inside ( i only have RM24, few cents and few foreign notes only anyway….. hehe! if i am to be a pick pocket, i will be very frustrated!!) but more bout my ID card, driving licence, atm cards, credit cards etc etc….. that could cause a pain in the neck once they are lost. don’t even get me to start babbling bout all the procedures.

and err… i was partly sad cos i am a sentimental person who loves my old and shabby purse (or is it a wallet?!). it has been with me for eight years ok. i don’t care how many holes has it acquired over the years as long as it holds and guard my money well. I will always loving it. i am loyal like that *cheesy!*

so we decided to return back to the cafe where we’ve had lunch just at the same time the phone rang from an unfamiliar number.

woman caller: hello, is this leanor valerie XXXX? From company XX Sdn. Bhd?
me: yes. that’s me….
woman caller: i just called ur office. they gave me this number. did you just have your lunch at Palma Cafe? U left your purse on the table here. i’m sorry i had to open your purse and good thing i found your name card.
me (too happy i almost shriek): yeah! i did. oh it’s ok… thanks.. oh thanks… i was just about to go back there actually. thanks…. (i couldn’t stop saying thank you to her)
woman caller: so we’ll wait for you then.
me: ok. i’m on my way now. thanks ya.

so i sped back to Palma Cafe grateful that my purse was safe *grin from ear to ear to the back*

heart the people and the owner of Palma Cafe!! may God bless their kind hearts and bless the business abundantly  hmmm… i shall blog bout their food next time in return of their kindness. remind me

they went through quite many channels to get through me actually. remember i left my phone #1 at home? the phone no. printed on the name card is of phone #1 so they called the office and from there only they got my phone #2 number. confuse? just forget it. i wonder y i even bother to tell this paragraph too!! T_T

lesson learned: u can have so many fancy cards inside your wallet/ purse but one name card can saves them all when u drop them somewhere (provided it is found by good Samaritan that is!!)

why name card? cos all other cards (atm card, credit card, mykad, driving license) dont have your contact no. on it

but what if you don’t have a name card? hmmm…. that’s easy. just write ur name and ur contact no. on a piece of small paper and insert it inside ur wallet as long as it is noticeable. Believe me there are some good people out there 🙂




  1. what if i got no namecard coz i dont have a job that gives me that? housewife how?

    aiya, what am i saying, housewife where got bring wallet out one? the wallet is the husband mah!! just put out hand only hor. 😀

    Comment by cliann — March 28, 2009 @ 12:01 am | Reply

  2. hehe… so easy hor 😀 i really like the idea too!! LOL!! :p

    Comment by leanorval — March 31, 2009 @ 9:55 am | Reply

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