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March 12, 2009

BIG money!!

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went to the money changers just now. someone asked me to check whether they have either a single singapore or brunei ten thousand dollar note available. went to two places i usually go and both didn’t have it in stock. the biggest value they have currently is a thousand note. ‘u can call to ask again tomorrow.’ they said and gave me their name cards. they sounded very interested but at the back of my head i also felt a twinge of skepticalism in their eyes. ‘is this girl for real?!’ ya lah, my face doesnt look like invanka trump mah!!

so, i’m a sakai ok. i’ve never seen a single ten thousand notes before until four years ago. a brunei note. much to my delight of being able to see, touch, smell and feel (owh wow!! i can feel it?! LOL) the note in live i didn’t want to let the moment passed just like that u see. i believed my family, friends and then colleagues also never seen one. so i made the smartest thing as a prove of evidence when i bragged about it later. hehe… so here it is! pardon the quality cos i was using my then nokia 7610 which is now dead in my dresser drawer 😦

it was the a size of A5. it has to be folded 4 times and kept inside the front pocket of the jeans for fear of pick pocket konon!

it was the a size of A5. it has to be folded 4 times and kept inside the front pocket of the jeans for fear of pick pocket konon!

aiya!! number 10000 almost camouflage with the prints / design. if u look properly there are 3 of them in the note. and the word ‘sepuluh ribu ringgit’ in caps just means ten thousand ringgit. weird! arent they using dollar? how come on the note says ringgit?! =.=” and i soon i found out that this one was the old pattern note but still usable. the new ones got transparent windows wor…. btw, look at the sultan. he’s the most good looking sultan in his age, isnt he? i can say that he looks exactly the same as in photo on the notes. n he still look very much the same as i 1st saw him on tv when i was 5 years old compare to other sultan i know.

then i took this for comparison purposes.

see how they made our biggest value of RM note looked so mini here? cute ler :p

see how they made our biggest value of RM note looked so mini here? cute ler :p

in malaysia, currently the biggest value of a single note is the the RM100. we used to have RM500 and RM1000 notes back then. i remember i used to see them live but very rarely cos the family isnt rich :p after the economy crisis in 1997 the government decided to discontinue the circulation of those notes. i can’t remember which year exactly but i’m pretty sure it was before the millenium. owh… we used to have the ugly brown colour RM20 too. it was a very rare note then so whenever i got one i will save it for the last until i really really no choice but have to use it. *sigh* i miss that one although it was damn ugly. so tell me if u have any vague memory bout our good old RM. do have one u miss? RM2? RM1 coin?

hmmm…. that’s enough cerita for now. i just remembered bout the first two photos i have cos i might be seeing another one soon if they do have stock tomorrow. *slim chance*

have a blessed day y’all!!



  1. Hi Iv !!
    Thanx for dropping by at my blog^^ I assume u are a Sarawakian too, which part of Sarawak? I’m from Bintulu..

    Comment by sakaigirl — March 13, 2009 @ 11:34 am | Reply

  2. that note doesn’t fit on my wallet…
    so i will skip…

    how much 10k brunei in RM ?

    Comment by Nur — March 19, 2009 @ 8:53 pm | Reply

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