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March 5, 2009

here come the gladiator!!!!

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day before yesterday after lunch time.

Cuz Fiona: let’s go to the boutique. they got sales now.
me: okay. let’s see what they have.

upon reaching.

me: wah!! RM5?! RM9?! RM19?!
Cuz Fiona: i wonder what are the items they sale at RM5. Faster! *hurriedly opened the boutique’s door*

once inside.

me: Argghh!!! they have it! *hands already picking the item and ready to try it on*
Cuz Fiona: y?
me: i’ve been looking for these lately u know?! thought of buying it when i’m off for my vacation next next week. ceh! they have it here…. yohoOO… and it is so damn cheap! is this for real?! *double checked the price tag and proceed doning & zipping and pose in front of the mirror*
Cuz Fiona: haha!! and u thought u wanna buy it all the way from there? *she then tried the flat ones herself*

the two of us continued our vainity with trying more with other different patterns. with heels. without heel. wedges. white ones. brown ones. but not the black ones. i guess we both were not so into black atm.

me being me. started contemplate whether i should buy them or not. *tick tock tick tock*

Cuz Fiona: u better buy it now or else it will be gone. remember our experiences?!

we (usually her) always have this experiences that whenever we found anything we like from the 2 boutiques and we were indecisive whether or to buy it there and then or just went on like it’s ok lah if i really2 want it, it will appear in my dream tonight and i shall come back tomorrow to get it. but to our horror most of the time the item will be no more there the next day!! wiped out!! it was so frustrated ok… 😦

me: so which one suits me better?
Cuz Fiona: the wedges. the brown one. white makes ur legs look even shorter T__T
me: yeah. i thought so too T__T. alright brown it is then.

so i bought it straight away. u must’ve thought so. but NO!!

i decided to be indecisive u see…. contemplation has became my middle name. wait no! i already have a middle name. it should be my 2nd middle name. wait! not either. procrastination is. so it should be my 3rd middle name…..ya…. hmmm… why??!! y must i have these two traits in me?! *watery eyes*

we didn’t even bother with the RM5 sales items anymore. since Cuz Fiona also didn’t find anything she really likes (or both of us were just in denial) off we went out of the boutique.

Cuz Fiona: are u sure u dun wanna buy that? so cheap owh RM39.90 only.
me: ya lah ho… so cheap right? RM39.90. (i’m a cheapskate!) Hmmm…. but i didn’t plan to shop bah actually. let it be. if i really really think about it later i’ll return and buy it tomorrow.

in the car. the sandals (read that in eerie haunting sound effect like those in horror movie). in the office. the sandals. checking emails. the sandals. on the way home. the sandals. at home. the sandals. watching tv. the sandals. on the phone. the sandals. sleeping. the sandals….. arrrgghhh!!! nightmare!!

next morning.

in my head – OK!! i must go get it today!!

but… but…. with one condition. i must browse around a lil bit to make sure that is the only place who has it. so after lunch i dragged Cuz Fiona to imperial mall to make my heart happy :p Cuz Fiona showed me the boots she wanted to buy but hopelessly couldn’t fit cos she (we) have these chunky calves u see. it’s in our genes T__T then after seeing around at most of the shoes outlets. it was indeed none like that one. (so we thought)

Cuz Fiona: they have the not so high ones in other places. but the one u tried so far i only saw it there. so ok lah….
me: ya lah ho… some more dirt cheap. things that’re easily out of season (actly it is already outdated T__T) there’s no need to buy expensive one, right?! *asking for affirmation*
Cuz Fiona: yalaa…. it’s ok if it is way out of the season. it’s cheap anyway.

now that…. i wanna hear *grin from ear to ear*

so after dropping her off at her office. i returned to the said boutique. tried it one last time. asked for a new one. none. one and only size T__T nvm. i handed the salesgirl the money. she returned the changes. and i went off with happy feet (soon)!! yohooOO!!!

u must be eager to know what’s the item is. so tadaaa…..

so it looks something like this!! no those are not my legs :p

so it looks something like this!! no those are not my legs :p

it’s the gladiator sandals!!! *wee*


ceaaahh…. hahahaha!!

i know to some this is like so yesterday already but i dun care. i just fell in love with it. ehehehe….. 😀 it is still in though :p

sorry for this lengthy useless post. i was determined to post bout something more beneficial like how to make nuba laya, how the recesion has affected McD, or why nasi lemak Naga Liar (Wild Dragon) is so damn laku, is it because of the fierce name? but this came up to my still so excited mind bout the new purchase. hehehe….

have a blessed day ppl!!

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is to be received with thanksgiving… 1 Tim 4:4



  1. cant wait to see u in d new boots
    does it come with leather strap/outfit?


    u r so kinky!!

    Comment by haro — March 7, 2009 @ 3:20 pm | Reply

    • haro; shadaap lah!! adjust back ur brain plz… hiskh!
      princess fiona; hehehe…. someday…. someday…

      Comment by leanorval — March 10, 2009 @ 8:28 am | Reply

  2. hahahaha… finally, u bought it..cehhhh…

    mmmm…how i wish i hv one…huhuhuhuhu

    Comment by Princess Fiona — March 8, 2009 @ 8:06 pm | Reply

  3. tsk tsk tsk… vanity oh vanity!
    but i understand you – sometimes i tried on something that suits me a lot and i like it a lot but didn’t buy, the ‘haunting’ also happens to me. then when i go back to the shop, and no more!! i so regret, i can slap myself in the face!

    Comment by cliann — March 10, 2009 @ 9:19 pm | Reply

    • li-ann; ya la… y are we like tat?? =.=”

      Comment by leanorval — March 12, 2009 @ 4:04 pm | Reply

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