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March 3, 2009

of being a skeptical sister

yesterday during breakfast.

me: just what exactly is ur intention to go there?
The Sister: work lah. *eyes looking at her horlick peng*
me: in miri cant find work kah? ppl from there come all the way to miri to work, u on the other hand want to trouble urself to go there. some more Tessa wont have time to entertain you also. ppl are going there for study, and u are going there to work?? cali!! (Cuz Tessa will be studying whilst The Sister who is her junior will be working??)
The Sister: ……. *bitting her drink’s straw* i will find my way lah! *rolled eyes*
me: ur spm result will be out very soon then wat u’ll gonna do? are u coming back to get the result or not?
The Sister: no.

The Mother interrupted: we can always get the result on behalf of her and send it to her bah.

me: so funny. the result will be out in three weeks time (wild guess) and u two (The Sister & Cuz Tessa) will only be going there on the very same time. good lah, wasting the time and money in lawas. so u thought u are so clever now lah? *losing temper*
The Sister: i know what i do ok?!
me: ok, fine. if the result come out what will u wanna do then? work? dont u want to study anymore? so terror lah u?

then The Mother interrupted again: ur dad already brought her to check on the intake of the course. now let just wait for her result.

actually the parents already planned on some courses for her to take. but i prefer to keep it to ourselves atm. sorry.

me: u all thought spm result is enough kah? stpm is more valuable ok. at least can earn higher than the one with spm. (i was only referring to govmt sector ok) so tell me what do you really want to do?
The Sister: *sounded very annoyed by me* can we just wait for the result? if the result is ok i want to go to their polytechnics.
me: y must u choose there? not here? take form 6 here? *being skeptical all the way*
The Sister: hiskh!! i can choose wherever i like ok! *turned head*
me: *geram* naah… (handing her some RM) since ur excuse of following Cuz Tessa is so lame and not strong enough this is wat i can give u. i’ve deducted RM100 out of it!! Don’t just simply spend them with ur stupid reloads!! and u better take good care of my handbag u are using. that’s expensive all the way from disneyland HK! if u lost it, jaga!!

and then i had to leave for work.

she and Cuz Tessa then followed Uncle Langub to lawas.

my heart was worried sick bout her decision. *geram*

then when i got home yesterday, i felt the missing piece of our daily dose of sisterly fight. or The Mother’s voice of nagging at her clumsiness. It’s our way of expressing our love, really :p

aihh…. i’m gonna fold the clothes taking over her chores again *grunts*

i really hope she’ll take good care of herself there.

and that’s my stubborn little sister.

and because i like to post picture here’s a photo of the stuffs we shared in the room.

girly things we shared.... :p *y am i so cheesy?*

girly things we shared.... :p *y am i so cheesy?*

photo was taken when i 1st got labo and learning to use arperture. ehehee…

p/s: the ‘high heel’ accesories box is a pressie from miss wendy tan back in uni!! ah moy, i’ve put it into good use yo!! *grin*


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  1. i wont gv her the money n ask her to bank in to pay back all the reload!!

    ppl got bf there bah….apa kau sibuk2 nie..?

    she’s not smart like u summore

    Comment by haro — March 4, 2009 @ 7:12 pm | Reply

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